JTM Games - David Jaffe Interview

Interview with Twisted Metal, Calling All Cars, and God of War Creator David Jaffe on his career, his opinions on gaming, and his upcoming Twisted Metal for the PS3.

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madpuppy2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

(interviewer) Mr. Jaffe what is your opinion on "things"

(jaffe)I hate Fu$%ing fanboys and people who buy used games are d)#[email protected] that deserve to be f&$%#ing lit on fire. other devs can suck my [email protected]#$. anyone who thinks differently than me should go jump of a F*%&$%ing cliff F%($(#* and s%*$&% with the co%*$*suckers!!!!

(interviewer) one more question, what do you think of Sony?

(jaffe) The milk of human kindness flows from it's corporate offices, I have never seen them make a misstep, perfection pours from it's ample hearts. they are like the finest European chocolate.

just in case your stupid..."JK"