XBox World Australia Review : Forza Motorsport 4

Henry Ford once said that motor racing began five minutes after the second car was built. Likewise, motor racing games appeared shortly after programmers discovered that a lack of realistic visuals was no barrier to virtual competitiveness. Cast your mind back and remember the first racing game that you ever played. Depending on your vintage, it could be anything from Mario Kart to Pole Position.

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fr0sty2922d ago

lol... no shock there.

xPhearR3dx2922d ago

It's okay, GT5 tried. Forza is the new king.

Taz Yamauchi2922d ago

I saw the source and I facepalmed eternally

shinobix2922d ago

PSM3 Magazine UK:
"Conservative, messy and patchily designed, GT5 only intermittently excites". [Jan 2011, p.79]


shinobix2922d ago

PSM3 Magazine UK GT5 SCORE:


Taz Yamauchi2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Forza doesnt have Weather, Night racing, Great physics, Rally and Nascar.
OH and 3D awesomeness


level 3602922d ago

A really really good game and yes I was engrossed with the Autovista mode, clearly Turn10 did an absolute fine job with the research and a couple of other tidbits with each vehicles' tech and history.
Kudos also in putting some gobsmacking alternative exotic cars in there.
Will be anticipating to see more DLC tracks and vehicles in the near future.

Taz Yamauchi2921d ago

OK bots how about I just go and play my 73% of awesomeness and you go play your 100% of shet

AmaZinG2921d ago

"Forza doesnt have Weather, Night racing, Great physics, Rally and Nascar.
OH and 3D awesomeness"

it has much more advanced physics than GT5 actually...

And GT5 hasnt a proper online like Forza 4, awesome creative tracks, awesome custom cars with limitless painting options, Rivals mode, dedicated servers.

And i rather not having those options in Forza 4 than having something bad implemented on my games like is Rally/Nascar/Top Gear on GT5 wich is imoo a shame just like the new standard cockpit view for the 800+ cars in GT5...

ohohoh OWNED LOL

Taz Yamauchi2921d ago

Bottom line is Forza wont even outsell Gran Turismo 5 DLC