Backlog tips: The 2-for-1 method of clearing your pile (SideQuesting) - A few tips to help gamers survive this month (and next) with the possibility of several blockbuster purchases appearing, and how to quickly minimize a gaming backlog as new purchases are made.

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smashman982921d ago

I have a huge back log ive beat 7 games this week alone and am no where near clearing it its ridiculous

rambler2921d ago

The picture shows about how much my backlog grows each week.

brettyd2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I've got a ton of games i either haven't started or haven't finished. With all these new games coming out for some reason i feel the need to buy them day one haha. I just figure ill go back and beat them during the spring or summer when not alot of games are being released. I do feel bad when i move on to a new game without before beating it.

tmoss7262921d ago

Wait like a month or two and most games drop in price.

gamerz2921d ago

Good article but it's more about not getting a backlog in the first place, not what to do about your huge freakin' backlog now! hahaha.

I was sooooo good the first half of this gen- only buying a new games when the last one was completed, not collecting. But man, those days are gone!

and the worst thing is going back and replaying old games again instead of starting the new ones. wtf?!! haha

svoulis2921d ago

The past year so far has been insane. I mean really i've been buying games weekly sometimes 3 games a week and cramming a few days into each one just to catch up. At this point i am about 75% done with Dark Souls after just beating Rage,Gears,Resistance 3, Shadow of the Damned, Catherine, and the list goes on. My girlfriend is currently pissed as all hell at me but i am a Gamer and i live up to those expectations. NOW for tomorrow, Batman:A.C, and than after that Battlefield...and after that Uncharted....and after that Call of Duty...oh keeps going..