The Project Zomboid Theft and Collateral damage

If you’re someone who keeps their ear to the ground in regards to indie news you’ll most likely have heard that last night the laptops belonging to two of the Indiestone developers were stolen along with months of work on the game.

I’m wholly sympathetic with them on the break-in, it’s something I’ve experienced a few times and it can be very traumatic, especially since it is something you can’t really protect against. However, their public reaction to the loss of the game code, the extremely unprofessional manner in which they acted, and failing to make external back-ups for months, does not earn them much respect.

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Anon19742923d ago

There's no excuse for not backing up your data. None. There are so many options available, and especially when you're working on a project that could be months of effort that you expect to get paid for one day...I just can't understand that degree of laziness. If it's worth putting months of effort into, it's worth putting a little time in to back up.

Blame the thieves (and justifiably) but it could have just as easily been a fire, a flood, a virus - who knows. Any number of things and they would have been screwed and had no one to blame but themselves. And then to take to the net and rant about gamers, who had paid them money?