DICE Explains Why Battlefield 3 Has No Splitscreen Multiplayer

DICE’s Creative Director Lars Gustavsson has explains why Battlefield 3 has no splitscreen multiplayer.

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Relientk772924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I would have prefered to have splitscreen multiplayer. I love playing online with a friend

jwk942924d ago

Yeah it does, he likes playing with his local friends, on the same console, online.

dark-hollow2924d ago

He can't believe "with my friend" part.

Hufandpuf2923d ago

Oh okay, I thought he meant co op split screen, but online.

Autodidactdystopia2923d ago

Because consoles cant handle it.

Thats why.

imagine how terrible the screens would look.
rendering twice the imagery for two separate cameras in two separate lod areas on one console that struggles to handle the game in single player. think about it its gonna run at like 1152
by 720 or something would it really be smart to split that already low resolution into two separate screens? would destroy image quality.

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NarooN2923d ago

Lol people disagreed with you, yet they're on a site about gaming.

zeal0us2924d ago

So no offline split-screen multiplayer? Is everything else beside the campaign online-only? I'm a little confuse over the whole situation.

Pozzle2923d ago

I miss offline split-screen multiplayer. It seems less and less games have it, but I always preferred it over online multiplayer. I love being able to play with friends or family in the same room. So much fun to be had!

TheIneffableBob2923d ago

The game is just doing too much at once for consoles to handle rendering that twice.

Halo can do it because it's relatively simple and predictable. Battlefield 3 can't because it's very complex in its interactions and visuals.

x8002923d ago

they could do it under 1 circumstance by lowering the games graphics to the N64 mario game xD

GraveLord2923d ago

Modern Warfare 3 will have split-screen online. I guess Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer Games are more talented developers?

x8002923d ago

i think cos the game runs at 60fps normally and it will run 30-35fps split-screen? but bf3 runs at 30 normally and the graphics are much better on bf3.

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