Dear Final Fantasy, What Happened To You Man?

Editorial on the Final Fantasy franchise's past and present, and the author's relationship with the franchise.

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Relientk772927d ago

Dear SquareSOFT, go back to your roots.

NukaCola2927d ago

SquareEnix is the publisher of COD in JP.

rdgneoz32927d ago

"Dear Final Fantasy, What Happened To You Man?" Square forgot its fans and decided it wanted to make more money. With XIII, the linearity and Leona Lewis singing the theme song killed it for me (not even close to the feel or quality of other FF theme songs).

BitbyDeath2927d ago

Dear Fans, Enix Corporation happened

Relientk772927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

you are correct.

Both companies were better separated, there was no need to combine them.

Lovable2927d ago

Need to go back to their roots... Innovation is good and moving the franchise forward is right, but not in the expense of what people wants.

Pozzle2927d ago

I don't know why so many devs don't keep some of the old AND the new. They think they need to innovate, innovate, innovate, and in doing so they completely forget about anything that made the old games popular. Resident Evil is another example of this. It's great that Capcom have updated the gameplay for the series, but why do it at the expense of everything else? :(

ScytheX32927d ago

wouldnt really say go back to your roots in regards to real time battles and turn based, for me, i played turn based as a kid not only FF but other games square and non square published but i love real time battles now, keep you on your toes about what to do next, turn based, i get attacked in a boss battle, i can go take a shit make a sandwich and shower come back and make my move, rinse and repeat -_- without ever pausing the game. But i will say no towns in games (like ffxiii) was retarded, towns are a huge thing in rpg games.

Pozzle2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

But that's the point of turn-based battle. It's not supposed to be fast paced. It's a strategy based gameplay.

I mean, I get why some people consider turn-based gameplay outdated. But I think that depends on perspective. For me, Final Fantasy battles have never been about who can hit the fastest or how a battle can keep me on my toes. It's about coming up with the best strategy to defeat the enemy. And feeling a sense of accomplishment when you finally do come up with a good strategy that takes them down.

With that being said, I don't mind if Square go back to turn-based (obviously we're not going to see a return of old turn-based gameplay. It would be updated for this generation) or stick with real-time. As long as it's a good battle system, I'll be happy. Just no more automatic battles like FFXIII, please! I don't want the game to play itself! (and yeah yeah, I know we could do FFXIII's battles manually. But if the game automatically picks the best strategy for you, then what's the point? )

ScytheX32927d ago

very much agreed on FFXIII auto battle button, when i bought the game and saw that was like ??? chose it and after a few moves i was like wtf is this....

now turn based agreed they did require planning and even thinking ahead of what to do, but at the same time, real time battles dont mean that you dont need strategy to win, look at Star Ocean TLH real time battles and required some sick strategy or Resonance of Fate too difficult game but not unforgiving, and i loved the ability to switch characters on the fly for when and if the enemy changed a weakness or stance.

Eamon2927d ago

The thing is Final Fantasy already has a humongous fan base that already loves the ATB or Turn-based system. Why do you need to change it?

Turn-based and ATB is what defines Final Fantasy's gameplay.

I'm pretty sure there are better ways to make modern ATB more thrilling or exciting than the Autobattle system of FF13.

Final Fantasy X introduced unique event based attacks like moving and firing from the airship when fighting the boss in the sky. FF13-2 seems to be using quick time events but wouldn't it better if there was an element of strategy in the QTE rather than press the button on time.

For example, in the recent trailer where it shows Snow using Protect in a QTE in a battle. My suggestion is that instead of pressing the correct button in time, the game should offer you a chose of either using Protect or Shell in that instant moment. It would make the player use quick thinking of strategy and make the gameplay thrilling. Since the boss was using a physical attack, Protect would obviously the better choice but perhaps in other harder bosses, it would be harder to predict if the boss would use a physical or magic-based attack and so the player would need to observe the pattern of attacks (similar to old FF bosses).

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The story is too old to be commented.