Gamer Euphoria: Looking Back At InFamous

Gamer Euphoria writes ''Today staff member Sean takes a look back at one of the PS3’s finest exclusives InFamous. Does it still hold its own in 2 years after its release?''

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KonGreat2926d ago

Man, wish it came to the xbox! it looks awesome

mjsmufc992926d ago

InFAMOUS is awesome and the second one blows it out of the water! fantastic games! one of my favourite franchises along with Assassins and Uncharted

LarVanian2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Both inFamous 1 & 2 were great games. I would have loved to see Sucker Punch make inFamous 3, but judging by the ending(s) of inFamous 2 it honestly doesn't seem that we will see a third instalment. Oh well at least we have 'Festival of Blood' coming on Halloween, bring on Vamp Cole!

PS: Maybe 'Colecula' is a better name, lol, get it?.......Ok I apologise, that was bad. It sounds too much like Coca-Cola anyway.

EDIT- I agree with the guy about Cole's voice. The voice actor Jason Cottle did a good job with what he was given, but his voice was still pretty hard to listen to at times.

BushLitter2926d ago

I don't understand how the ending prevents a third game. If anything it practically guarantees a third game! Can't wait. Probably 2013 is when we will see it - if we all still around that is

Come on Desmond - Save us, there be plenty games after 2012!

LarVanian2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )


The two completely different endings in inFamous 2 will really make it hard to continue Cole's story IMO. I think Sucker-Punch could continue the Evil Cole's story, since he is still alive in that, but then that would be kinda unfair to Good Cole.
What I think SP could do is find a way to bring back Good Cole, and bring him into the reality of the Evil Cole. And from there, the player can chose which Cole they want to play as for the game. There could be multiple endings, such as Good Cole saving the world from Evil Cole, or Evil Cole killing Good Cole and destroying all non-conduits. In fact, there could be an ending where both Cole's have to join forces to defeat an even bigger threat.
InFamous, along with Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Resistance and Mass Effect is one of my favourite new IP's this gen and it would definitely be a shame if Sucker-Punch wrapped up the series after 'Festival of Blood'. I really want to see inFamous 3 and I don't care if it's on PS3 or even PS4, I just wish SP would make it. I would also love to see inFamous hit the PSVita. A prequel about Kessler would be a great idea.

BushLitter2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

***Spoilers for Good Cole Ending****

I haven't completed Evil Cole's ending, I'm halfway through my second playthrough. But good cole's ending hints at Cole be revived. As their boat drifts off into the horizon a bolt of lightning is seen striking the boat/Cole. That is a definite hint that he is revived. And besides the story is not complete yet. There will be another Infamous and I'm sure it will be on PS3

And regarding your list of favourite IPs this gen I 100% agree. But I will also add Darksiders to that list. That game was exceptional, cannot wait for 2. And also Arkham Asylum although it's not really a new IP

Inception2926d ago

I'm playing inFamous 1 right now, and it's a great game!

KingofGambling2925d ago

Does anyone remember play inFamous 2 playing as the evil Cole and process of the evil karma he mention he has a little brother?