Most Underrated Video Game Of All Time: Omikron

Gaming Blend "Does anyone remember the game Omikron: The Nomad Soul for PC and the Dreamcast? Yeah, I didn't think so. However, Omikron trumps everything else out there when it comes to being underrated just because it's a game that represents what future games will inevitably become despite being 12 years old."

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Pikajew2920d ago

Never heard of this game. I will try it

vortis2920d ago

I guess it wouldn't be very underrated if most gamers did know about it. Heh.

NewMonday2919d ago

from the maker of Heavy Rain i believe

Drazz2919d ago

I had it on dreamcast, it was very good. I always hoped for a sequel.

Genghis2919d ago

had it on pc. good original game. interesting mechanic where you would inhabit other people in the game and that would change your social interaction. nothing like it back in the day

most underrated video game of all time, though? a narrative game can only go so far...dwarf fortress on the other hand...

vortis2919d ago

Wow, where did you find Dwarf Fortress? That game is crazy. Reminds me of those old Moraff games.

Tony P2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )


No need to overhype it, cinemablend; it was a good game on its own. It is interesting and worth a playthrough, especially if you were introduced to QD by way of HR.

I just think it's a bit much to expect it to be GTA/Mass Effect/Deus Ex/Tekken/etc all rolled into one.