Megaman Legends 3 Fans Protest At Capcom’s NYCC Booth

You can’t have a Capcom event without someone bringing up Megaman, can you?

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Hitman07692922d ago

those claims of "poor consumer report" are looking pretty bullshit now aren't they Capcom? What's the next excuse? Too busy making DLC to divide your userbase for existing franchises? bahaha, of course not. That would be too logical.

iXenon2922d ago

Yeah, they should really give a legit reason as to why they canceled the game. I believe the petition got tens of thousands of signatures. Then Capcom had it shut down

vortis2922d ago

Tens of thousands doesn't compare to millions to most big businesses.

Capcom will make more milking DLC from Dead Rising and rehased Street Fighter IV games than actually designing a new Mega Man game.

In today's climate of gaming you either join the masses and settle for whatever they throw you or you stick to playing the classics from the goldenage of gaming.

Tuxedo_Mask2922d ago

As much as I dislike CAPCOM this gen I don't think that protesting at their booth at NYCC will actually get any results. If you really want them to listen stop buying things from them.

iXenon2922d ago

Which is unfortunate since most people will ALWAYS buy Capcom stuff