Battlefield 3 is "Ready", Says G4TV

G4TV recently released some gameplay of the Grand Bazaar multiplayer map and G4TV's Donell Tucker states during his commentary that, "Battlefield 3 is ready."

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ElVeneno2928d ago

Haha funniest comment all day lol

da_2pacalypse2928d ago

Good to see that Dice is finally putting out some gameplay footage for the actual release version of the game. It looks very good, so everyone can clam down. A game made by Dice has never let me down :)

Jobesy2928d ago

You want to know how it looks, go play BFBC 2. All this is is BFBC 2.5, everyone knows it lol.

3GenGames2928d ago

Looks amazing. All naysers, this is why you trust in DICE. Looks amazing, way better than the "beta" [alpha] but yeah can't wait, good video. And wow, I couldn't believe how much improved the sounds are in this....they were nerfed badly too! Can't wait! :)

TitanUp2928d ago

i am ready for battlefield 3,every video makes the wait even longer

Oldman1002928d ago

Sweeet you can request medkits and ammo now.

Hagaf222928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Yeah, there are some nice changes from the beta, those 2, and points for snipers who set mobile spawn points. I'm not the biggest fan of snipers but there are plenty of opportunities to place spawn points in some very strategic spots. Can't wait for next Tuesday!!

Criminal2928d ago

Can't wait any more!!! Enough teasing!

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The story is too old to be commented.