Looking Back: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Take a look back at Modern Warfare's multiplayer from call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to the upcoming Modern Warfare 3.

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2fk2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

-__- zzzzzzzzz

SJPFTW2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

COD4 was the best one in the series and the last good call of duty game. killstreaks were not overpowered, neither were perks besides martyrdom, guns had recoil, sone of the best map lineups in FPS history and overall balanced game.

3GenGames2922d ago

I mean the chopper was way too kill-crazy, but yeah the fact there's not 10 just as bad and at the same time was good. And yeah, this game was quality, so fun to play. I don't even think this is worthy of a looking back, I know tons that still play it all the time...including myself.

But that was the past, RIP MW1 gameplay. You'll never be revived again. :(

Hagaf222922d ago

COD4 was the best of the series, will always be. It reinvented the genre. MW2 began to destroy it. Every game tries to imitate COD due to its financial success but the reason it got that success was because COD4 was so amazing. MW2 was a very bad game, and from the footage released thus far, MW3 is MW2.5. It will sell alot, and fanboys will claim its the best ever, but in 6 months people will admit the truth. Look at GTA4- got rave reviews at release, 6 months later? Easily viewed as the most over rated game of the generation. Listen to all the commentary videos and youll be able to tell the Robert Bowling has done everything he can to make it as much like MW2 as possible. Quickscoping? Check. Take everything good from Black ops out? Check. Fix none of the issues from MW2? Check. Here comes MW2.5, I mean MW3.

kennyboy2922d ago

call of duty elite? check
call of duty elite ingame console app? check
new maps? check
new weapons? check
new perks? check
new sounds? definitely check
new streaks? check
new streak system? check
ability to make ANYTHING dlc? or just update into the game? check
new engine? check, contrary to popular cod hater internet agreement about the matter
new animations? check, and anyone whose seen all the videos AND has played all cod games inside out from atleast cod 4 can verify mw3 has never before seen animations
private match options blown out to halo reach level, albeit forge mode? check
private match ability to be posted on cod elite and played by other gamers? check
theater mode? check
heatmaps for all deaths and all in game happenings? check
ability to equip a strike package to each custom class? check
weapon proficiencies? check
weapon leveling? check
prestige shop? check
ability to reset stats and level? check
spec ops survival? check
leaderboards for everything on the disc? check

yeah, in all i can say that this is truly mw"2.5"

now lets look at what battlefield 3 has new:

hurdling objects? yeah, wonder where they got that from
fast kill system (few bullets to kill)? wonder where that came from
killcam? although not fully showing you the replay it is a killcam, check thats ALL call of duty son
battlelog? call of duty elite? what a jock, to bad not a console app ingame
smaller maps to try to assimilate cod players? check
tdm? LOL
quickscopes and prone? check
gun customization? check
running tack knife? lol, what a cod jock
online pass? naw, just kiddin

so as you can see battlefield 3 with its 1 addition of its own the frostbite 2 engine which in itself copies realworld aspects and environments IS battlefield 3 and not battlefield 2.5 or battlefield badcompany2.5 or badcompany2hd or battlefield badcompany 3 even, its simply fully battlefield 3

yes your a winner kid

EazyC2922d ago

Lol at every aspect of your comment: Grammar, punctuation, layout, confusing
... My god.

Wait, you're under the age of 12, correct?

cyborg69712922d ago

Boys will be boys mw3 will be the same crap as 2. You need to get over it.

kennyboy2922d ago

by the way cyborg i just said that, it will be the same as 2 in the same way alien was the same as alien 2

NarooN2922d ago

CoD4 is easily the best one in the series (besides CoD3 imo, don't care wtf any of you think), and no CoD game will surpass it. When MW2 came out, I knew the series was just a pile of ****. It went downhill starting with MW2, and I have no intentions of buying any more CoD games. Hell, my friends and I still regularly play CoD4 to this day.

That game would be perfect if it had host migration (that actually worked) and if they removed crap like martyrdom and frag x3.

NuclearDuke2922d ago

If you played CoD4 since it's launch, you would realize it hard a really rough start. It was actually more screwed to play than Black Ops, but obviously you '95 kids don't know that.

CoD4 is practically dead, it was a great game when it came out, but it's surpassed so incredibly much at this point.

The reason why MW2 isn't the beast it was supposed to be, was that there was no dedicated servers and the entire development team stopped working on it due to the lawsuit between Activision and Vince Zampella & Jason West.

I still think that MW2 had the most fluent gameplay of any modern FPS, it was smooth and there were constant action. I have no friends who still play CoD4, it's simply too fucked up with all the mods flowing about, it's on every goddamn server.

There is no longer an original CoD4, it's modded to hell.

NarooN2922d ago

'95 kids? Are you fucking serious?

I dunno how it's dead since I easily find a game in any playlist I go to every time I get on, no matter what time I do get on.

There's no mods at all, at least not on the PS3 version. You might find a few lobbies where they have the speed-hack, but you can just quit and join a different lobby, bam, fixed.

MW2 was a piece of shit game, still is. EVERYTHING was overpowered, the killstreaks, the perks, the weapons, garbage spawns, unbalanced map design, etc. It was a terrible game. The only people who enjoy that type of "chaos" are people who either have never played a true FPS (Quake, Doom, CS, UT, TimeSplitters, Painkiller, Perfect Dark, etc. etc.) or just have no standards whatsoever. It's a scrub game, I don't really care who likes it or not, but it's in no way better than CoD4.

DtotheRoc2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

@NarooN, he's a console kid and an ignorant one at that and that's why he doent' know what he's talking about. cod4 on consoles is a horrible game just like EVERY console FPS. cod4 on pc had lobbies with admins and lean and all game modes had player counts maxed at twice the console size with a REAL map-voting system and kick player voting system. consoles are only good for Third person gaming end of story. EDIT: you're right i did forget timesplitters and perfect dark/goldeneye being great console games but those weren't played online. so i rephrase my statement and say that consoles are garbage ONLINE fps games because the lack of organization, support, and customization. cod 4 was the best then and counterstrike source was right behind it. that said, counterstriek source is still a much more skill based game and always will take more skill to play than any cod even 2 on pc.

NarooN2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )


And FPS on consoles easily works, you just instantly associate any FPS with CoD like a fucking moron is all. People actually play TimeSplitters 2, 3, and Perfect Dark (as well as Goldeneye 007) online to this day with either VPN's or emulators.

CS Source is a piece of shit game. 1.6 is way better than it. CSS doesn't take that much skill. You can aim fifty miles away from the head and get a headshot. Are you serious? Get real.

As for CoD4, it's still miles better than MW2 ever was and ever will be. I dunno what this "imbalance" you keep talking about is because I never had a problem killing anyone with any gun in the game, even commoners who think they're cool with SP M16 w/ RDS. The only thing fucked about the game are the shitty spawns and the fucking nade spam, as well as last stand.

I don't see how anyone can argue that CoD4 is just as unbalanced as Mw2 is, that's a goddamn joke. MW2 is one of the worst shooters ever made.

NuclearDuke2921d ago

As suspected, you are very uanware. CoD4 is just as imbalanced. Why do you think the eSport players created mods to cater their game style for tournaments etc.? Look through the balance patches in those mods and you will realize how imbalanced that CoD4 REALLY is.

CoD4 on PC was broken at launch and as soon as people figured out the mod tools, it was modded to hell and never returned to it's normal mode. MW2 could have pissed all over CoD4 if it had not been for the lawsuit between Vince & Jason vs. Activision.

MasterD9192922d ago

COD 4 is dead...modders and spammers own that game.

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