Phoenix Wright's Debut in UMvC3 Is Horrible and Disappointing writes: "While fighting games have made an impressive push in recent years due to some extremely popular high level competition and memorable tournament personalities, the fact remains that a large majority of fighting game purchases still go out to casual players. People who buy these games don't necessarily have the skill to compete against the best of the best, or even the best of the mediocre, they pick them up for different reasons: to see epic mashups between characters they've followed for years, or to enjoy the loose story modes that tie many of these titles together. It's the reason why most recent releases have all made sure that their titles have included beginner move sets for people who want to experience as much of the game as they can. Casual players look forward to things that top tier players may not pay close attention to and often times drive demand for which new characters ought to be included in a series. So why Capcom decided to do such an absolutely horrible job at implementing Pheonix Wright into the game is a frustrating and embarrassing mystery."

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ShawnCollier2926d ago

I do have to admit his animation frames seem really awkward, almost as if they're missing frames.

Pikajew2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

What do you expect? He is in Visual Novel games, not action games where you have to fight. Other characters are in action games and the comic characters fight in their comics.

Hardedge2925d ago

You would think that to be the perfect reason *not* to include him...

Delriach2926d ago

This article really made me facepalm. Phoenix Wright being referred to as a nail in the coffin for Capcom? Did I really just read that? Hating just to hate for the hell of hating is lame. It's like the person completely misunderstood the angle Capcom was going with by adding him to the game.

DeleteThisxx2926d ago

Seriously man, anything Capcom does now will cause somebody to complain. Hell, even if they bring MML3 back someone is bound to complain or come out with some stupid snotty remark.

Lovable2926d ago

They brought it to themselves...People have the right to complain for all the missteps and scams Capcom did this generation.


If MML3 is treated anything like Capcom handles it's IPs lately, you're damn right I'm going to complain!

DmC reboot, RE full-on shooter, feature-missing RE remakes, letdown on Lost Planet sequel, let down on Bionic Commando reboot, excessive focus on motion controls and digitally distributed mini games of old franchises...

Capcom has missed the target so many times this gen I'm not even sure if MML3 cancelling made me feel angry or relieved.

DeleteThisxx2925d ago

I think you've all made your point a long time ago. You're like a child who won't stop crying because their parents wouldn't buy them the toy at the mall. Get over it. We understand you don't want to buy Capcom games anymore, you don't need to keep reminding us.

kasasensei2926d ago

I think bringing this guy in a fighting game is just amazing! So funny. :D

Quagmire2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Thats the whole point of him being in the game. Turning someone who ISNT a fighter, into a FIGHTER. It's meant as a joke.

I think the writer completely missed the point of Phoenix Wright.

What a foolishly foolish thing for a foolish fool like him to foolishly write about. I pity the fool.

Relientk772926d ago

I object, because that's objectionable.

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The story is too old to be commented.