Jimmy Fallon: Mainstream Video Game Crusader

VelocityGamer: Jimmy has had plenty of developers on and showed off the hottest games. Can that fact alone help to legitimize gaming as an acceptable hobby among the masses? See why Jimmy is unique.

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WillGuitarGuy2929d ago

The guy has played a lot of games on his show and has a hard time knowing how to play. It's awesome that he's bringing more attention to these games though. Props.

WhiteLightning2929d ago

" has a hard time knowing how to play"

You would think he would get given the chance to play it before he plays it in front of the camera so he at least knows where to go, what he's doing and what the controls are.......he would then be able to show off more of the gameplay instead of using most of the on air time to get to grips with the game.

WillGuitarGuy2929d ago

Well the way I see it, he can get his first impressions from the games right then and there.

SuperbVillain2928d ago

This is true,but remember,this is a late night show.The main thing is humor.the crowd enjoys themselves more when they see Jimmy wander into a new game.It's entertainment...I don't have much of a problem with it though

morkendo232928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

jimmy may act like he dont know how to play video games "prabaly for laughs" but im sure he do at home. im glad he IS the only member from SNL to make a continous career with a stable show. all other players from SNL fail!! including will ferrell. "weekly tv work" excluding movies.

as someone been to his show personally they tape 2 shows a day at 12pm-3pm air them 12 mid-night to seem late-night as they do for JAY-LENO.

SuperbVillain2928d ago

Kenan should have his own show...make kel his hype man....omgggg

ironwolf2929d ago

The only problem is, the audience for that time of night, in both size and makeup, is anything but mainstream. On the other hand, any positive exposure for games is a good thing.

brettyd2929d ago

what do you mean? A ton of people watch late night talk shows. Mainly teens and young adults which is the market.

ironwolf2929d ago

But isn't the group whose mindset needs to be won over.

E2S2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I'm not gonna lie. He kinda makes me ashamed to be a gamer. I'm all for a mainstream voice for video games, but this guy?

brettyd2929d ago

I dont mind Fallon but i wish he didn't act like he's never played a video game.

Ranich2929d ago

I'm impressed. I found him to be humorous, along with showing us some cool features for the game.

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