[Push-Start] The new ‘Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel’ does more than you know!

James writes - Initially announced as a ‘Wheel’, it seems that there could be some untapped potential in Microsoft’s new peripheral, and this time, it seems that reading the manual has unearthed new details.....Flight sim fans listen up!

While most manuals these days offer only a few pages of information you most likely already know, I have my tradition, so after receiving my Wireless Speed Wheel I did what I always do, read the manual!

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gcolley2924d ago

where is our force feedback wheel MS??? you know, one people can actually afford.

kasasensei2924d ago

Strange news. Another reviewer said the wheel is only working with racing games... I think we need a real test, can someone give it a try with ace combat? or apache air assault?

jammy20492924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I assume the games in question would need a patch for it to function properly, just like any other peripheral. It doesn't have enough buttons to just work with current flight games, so I guess future games would need to be designed with it in mind.

PhantomTommy2924d ago

This is gonna change the way I play Halo forever.

Nolando2924d ago

I can see it can be a cool lil kinect add on if implemented properly, but for forza 4, i am gonna have to go with the fantec wheel and pedals, might as well go all in :P, I am gonna wait just a bit though it would be nice to see if microsoft will release a new force feedback wheel that is under 200 (with pedals)...

KingPin2924d ago

totally agreed, but i guess some would say we not casual gamers. coz i just bought a DFGT wheel for gt5 the other day and i just dont see it having any fun playing without FFB.

hope you enjoy forza 4 bro. from what iv read that game looks and plays well. :)