Interview with Batman: Arkham City’s Riddler, Wally Wingert [The Gaming Vault]

The Gaming Vault was fortunate enough to secure an interview with a man so well-versed in all sorts of media, you’d be hard-pressed to remember him by only one character name. The Man of 999 Faces, Wally Wingert, was kind enough to lend us his time and cunning wit to answer some questions about his expansive career, as well as a few tidbits about Rocksteady Studios‘ upcoming smash hit, Batman: Arkham City, where he gives voice to the nefarious Riddler.

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Sidology2923d ago

Wally is so damn funny. He's done so much in his life. Just astounding.

Desert Turtle2923d ago

Jim Carey is the best Riddler.

borisfett2923d ago

You should be shot for this comment.

Yes. Shot.

RustyMagus2923d ago

I think Wally Wingert lives up to the definition of the words "crazy awesome".