Picture Shows Copies Of Battlefield 3 Straight Of The Presses

GIR writes - There is always something to find when browsing the internet, but it isn't very often that pictures like the one below, which appears to show a couple of pallets full of PC copies if Battlefield 3 turn up for all to see.

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evrfighter2922d ago

:( I can't remember the last time I was counting down the days to a game.

agentxk2922d ago

It's exciting but I am starting to psych myself out. I'm sure I am just being silly

EazyC2922d ago

GTA 4 for me!
Perhaps Fallout:NV

DirtyLary2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

9 days till the bitching and moaning, entitled gamer whines start up again.

KillerPwned2922d ago

This is where they came from:

You can buy a key pretty cheap on their, I got my key on amazon tho for $42.

gravemaker2922d ago

cant wait, preordered limited edition on origin

EazyC2922d ago

The thought of having the solid copy of BF3 in my hands gets me all hot and bothered.

mahfuz272922d ago

they're gonna sell like hot cakes! =)

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