PC Gamer Stronghold 3 preview

Firefly admit they over-complicated Stronghold 2 a little. Let’s say you had a carpenter and all he did in Stronghold 1 was go back and forth between trees and his shack. In Stronghold 2, he had a chance of going bad and becoming an anti-carpenter.[Dan Griliopoulos]

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ATi_Elite3869d ago

Set to release October 25th.......Oh dear that's gonna cause some damage to the old bank account

Oct 18 = Payday: The Heist
Oct 25 = Stronghold 3 Battlefield 3
Oct 27 = Take on Helicopters + Pedals and Flight stick

Building castles and defending them is pretty fun but not as fun as causing damage to an enemies army by infecting them with diseased rodents! especially when your low on money and they have a nice tower defense that you would like to "acquire" intact to use for yourself!

Relientk773869d ago

I am looking forward to this game, I really hope its good

TheKindRoost3869d ago

Hope it's more like SH 1, the second had less content and fun compared to the first one.

BushLitter3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Oh yes, can't wait. I absolutely love the Stronghold franchise!!