Xbox 720 rumours: How will the new Xbox look?

From a possible release date, to rumoured specs, we examine how the Xbox 720 console could take shape

by Michael Sawh at

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Jdrm032920d ago

Pumped for next gen. Next year is going to be an exciting time in the gaming industry!!!!

M-Easy2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Hopefully its not white and ugly as the original 360, ugh. It just doesn't match home theater equipment. Who the hell has a white receiver, white TV or even white cable/satellite box?

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trancefreak2920d ago

The black 360s is sweet looking I hope they have something similar. Its very sleek and its black.

I have the 60gb jasper white version and it not bad sitting with the other consoles. I just don't like the power brick but its well hidden.

Bull5hifT2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

It should Look Like A Fighter Jet and throw out Fire from the Engine and have a Huge Fan and .... Like it should Be Called Xbox 3Liiight, so you at least know what your getting and it should have a huge Sticker that says Flammable and have a Halo Fire Detector Edition, and Come PreBoxed in a Return Coffin , and it Should Use CD-Roms to stick it to Blu-Ray

blumatt2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Just get rid of the huge power brick. Put it inside the console. lol That's my only request. Well, that and make it really powerful. haha I want to be able to play the original Crysis on full settings on the next gen consoles.

And bluray would be a good idea too. It doesn't have to have it but it would be a good selling point to be able to finally play bluray movies on the Nextbox.

dirthurts2920d ago

Putting the brick inside only raises the internal temps. why would you want that? Plus having it external means it's replaceable, which is nice if you have a failure.

morganfell2920d ago

I want my next Xbox and PlayStation to be like a Russian woman that works in a factory instead of a super model.

I do not want something that looks good but has no self awareness. I do not want something that is going to collapse the first time it has to do a little work (see what eating lettuce and Dexatrim pie does for you?)

I want a console that is more concerned with functionality instead of trying to make a fashion statement. I want a console that doesn't mind getting it's hands dirty in order to get the job done. What's that? I'm bleeding? Bah! I am still going to work.

Give me something short, squat, and tough as nails. Give me something that will take a 2X4 and give super model consoles a taste of pine for getting in their way.

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trancefreak2920d ago

Ya same here that was a very good rundown of whats to come. I just didn't understand the controller part. Was she talking a new design for next gen? I heard here mention onlive after that part.

I would like it to have blu ray so if on the 720 I don't have to switch to a ps3 or an alternative.

As soon as the new Xbox come I am standing line unless its a pre-order only. Next gen will be exciting and I am going dual console just like this gen.

As soon as I could get my hands on a 360 I did and believe it was after the holidays around march 2006.
the best part about the 360 is it had games ready to go and call of duty and need for speed most wanted had me hooked in the beginning.

Anyways like I said I can't wait :)

morkendo2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I seriously hope next gen of consoles not kenect like gaming. the way it seem on video next gen console will be PC like features but wireless hand motion.
ONLIVE will not work for me physical disc. is GREATER!!

blumatt2920d ago

Yeah, I'm with you, man. I'm gonna buy physical copies (bluray) until I can't anymore. Digital is cool and all but our internet speeds and reliability are just not there to go all digital yet. Plus, you can't let someone borrow your movie if it's digital.

zeal0us2920d ago

Personally I don't really care how it physically look, long as it got some backward compatibility and not bigger than the 360. Also different disc format, one that can hold way more than the dvd format getting a little tire of the whole disc swapping process.

meetajhu2920d ago

Can't w8 for next gen RROD!

Eiffel2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I highly doubt Microsoft will rush the next one, after all the legal issues and warranty extensions they've gone through this gen. I can see them taking their time with the next one. I still don't get why people expect there be a RROD continuation as bad as the 360s which was rushed. Between the Gamecube and Original Xbox, they were the most reliable hardware wise last gen. That itself is enough to warrant a more reliable product, as long as it's not rushed.

2919d ago
Anon19742920d ago

Quite frankly, I'm scared of the next gen for the first time ever, and not just for MS's next offering. This past gen, consoles cost billions to market and develop, and it's still unclear as to whether the companies will even recoup that money when it's all said and done. Nintendo went the under powered route and we saw how that turned out, and already it looks like their next offering is only as powerful as the current crop of consoles we have now.

I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again. When Shane Kim was still with Microsoft he stated that the next gen probably wouldn't look anything like traditional gens. He said we could be looking at a cheaper, digital distribution hub rather than a traditional console. He was also very vocal about broadening the 360's base, which we've seen them do since his departure with Kinect.

Piracy has been an issue for the 360, and everywhere we've seen the rise of new online passes to monetize the used game and rental markets for the companies that make the games. 360 owners have shown they aren't afraid to shell out to game - why not turn the 360 into a rental box for digital content? Microsoft is talking up the cloud more and more - it's obvious this is on their minds.

There are gamers clamoring for the next gen as it's traditionally meant kick ass hardware and games that up the ante but this gen showed the business the game has changed. Big games cost tens of millions more than ever before and can flop hard. Developers are switching to smaller games to reduce risks and development costs. The economy is in a mess and even a company like Microsoft can't as easily spend billions on R&D and selling consoles at a loss for years - when it's uncertain that they even broke even the previous gen. At some point shareholders and MS's board themselves will simply say "Enough" That's why a cheaper game console is more likely.

I, for one, am really in no rush for the next gen. The games now are fantastic for both Sony and MS. I have this weird "Oh crap, they're going to go totally subscription based and casual focused" feeling about next gen that I just can't shake. Thankfully my 360 and PS3 seem to have years in them yet.

The_Con-Sept2920d ago

What will it look like? Well if they used Dell's old box setup for the 360 it only makes sense that they start using HP boxes....

DwightOwen2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"I want a console that is more concerned with functionality instead of trying to make a fashion statement. I want a console that doesn't mind getting it's hands dirty in order to get the job done. What's that? I'm bleeding? Bah! I am still going to work.

Give me something short, squat, and tough as nails. Give me something that will take a 2X4 and give super model consoles a taste of pine for getting in their way."


Yeah, we call those PCs.

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Shadowaste2920d ago

2012 holiday release for shizzle!!

Cannot Wait!

undercovrr2920d ago

I say 2013 spring release at the earliest, no way its coming out 1 year from now. It hasn't even been announced

MrBeatdown2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Agreed. 2012 seems way too early. That's only a year from now, and most developers are still working on PS3/360 games. I just don't see Microsoft (or Sony for that matter) being able to properly support a new console that early.

For launch titles, if a launch was to occur in late 2012, devs would have had to be working on next-gen games for months now. Fall 2013 seems far more likely. That will allow more devs to move on to next-gen development following this years big games and have at least two years to prepare titles for launch.

Jdrm032920d ago

I was predicting a holidya 2012 launch with Halo 4 as a launch title(will get a dual release on both the next box and 360). I don't think there would be a better way of launching the next iteration of the console.

A launch during holidays 2012 would also be the next box launching during the 1st quarter of the 2013 fiscal year.

More then likely though, it will launch during the 1st quarter of 2014 fiscal year.

qwertyz2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

not if not amd won't have lied about 720 being capable of avatar visuals but what they said about the console being able to handle highly advanced AI may be true as current cpus even without help from nvidia gpus have the branch prediction performance and MIPS for such but console as always are holding back pc development pc is already next gen and has been for YEARS now.

about the console being 10x more powerful that is a laughable jump(but still a next gen leap) because pcs are already WAY over 10x more powerful than consoles when performing MOST calculations but a single gpu high end pc is not anything less than 10x faster than current consoles at ANYTHING

by early next year when nvidias kepler and amds southern islands 28nm next line of gpus launch each single high end gpu will be 3-4 times more powerful than current high end gpus and more powerful than whatever sony and MS come up with next gen

2919d ago
Jdrm032920d ago

hmmm... 4 gamers...I'm going to guess gamers?

dark-hollow2920d ago

" 4 gamers"

I think you are new here.

Relientk772920d ago

I hope its black and green, not a fan of white

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