New Video Game Releases: 10/17 – 10/23 (Batman Arkham City Edition)

RipTen: Holy Release Week Batman! The second week of October comes in with a “BIFF! BAM! POW!” with the release of Batman Arkham City.

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-Mezzo-2928d ago

4 the lucky ones, my Pre-Order will take about 7 days to get to me. Sucks.

Though i will be downloading (PAYDAY: The Heist) Today.

GigawattConduit2928d ago

I am vengeance...I am the night...I. Am. PACKED WITH AN ONLINE PASS!!!

Vagrant2928d ago

Oh, Arkham City. May you be as delightful as your predecessor.

Rearden2928d ago

I had pre-ordered Batman, should be arriving soon.

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