Why The Tomb Raider Franchise Isn’t Beyond Saving

"After the disappointing sales of Tomb Raider Underworld, the Crystal Dynamics team realized that Lara Croft was in trouble. They took a hard look at the video game landscape and came to the conclusion that they needed to re-work and re-imagine every aspect of the franchise or risk becoming irrelevant. The developers chose to destroy a character they spent fifteen years creating to pave the way for the biggest gamble in their company’s history: a Tomb Raider reboot.

When done correctly, the reboot is a powerful weapon in restoring a franchise to its former glory. While television has introduced the world to remakes of Charlie’s Angels, Hawaii Five-0 and Smallville, video games have been reluctant to bring their icons back to their origins."

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StrongMan2926d ago

Uncharted did to Tomb Raider what 50 Cent did to Ja Rule.

A_Troll_From_Ign2926d ago

The new one looks really fun!!

matt19912926d ago

Yea the E3 trailer really put the game on my radar

mcstorm2926d ago

I have to agree with you. What we were shown at e3 looked really good and to me what a Tomb Raider should of been like since the start. But I think there is room for Tomb Raider and Uncharted in the market just like alot of other games that are alike.

lumley6662926d ago

tomb raider will always be a game thats special in my heart like ff7, it was a game i bought in 1997 with my ps1. my first action adventure game an i was blown away.

but since the early ps1 games they have been pretty average tbh

my wish..... that naughty dog would eventualy have the chance to buy the franchise. can u imagine nathan drake and lara croft :) omg wet dream lol

i think naughty dog would do wonders with tomb raider, i doubt it will ever happen but who knows

NBT912926d ago

I dont think Naughty Dog could mess up anything to be honest... I mean no one could imagine they would end up making Uncharted back when Crash Bandicoot was their Nathan Drake... So who knows what will be next for them?

Hufandpuf2926d ago

Naughty dog made a horrible cheap mortal kombat cash in game that will forever haunt their reputation. They aren't the picture perfect studio you think. mHvVWM

n4gisatroll2926d ago

I hardly think you should base ND by way of the warrior. They started out, and it wasnt even on playstation. Their legacy really started when they started with crash on the playstation.

lumley6662926d ago

Hufandpuff: you can hardly say naughty dog is tainted because of 1 game, I think every developer is bound to make 1 terable game, I mean, iv been gaming since 97 an iv never heard of it. Naughty dog are one of the best out there. They will prob make a game that won't b very good again but no company is perfect

2926d ago
sonicsidewinder2926d ago

So they turn it into a qte.