EA's Origin Service Is Crippling Battlefield 3

GamePro - After playing the Battlefield 3 beta on Origin, Electronic Art's new digital download service, GamePro editor Chris Holt discusses the issues with the platform and why EA may be handicapping BF3's success.

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A_Troll_From_Ign2920d ago

I'm not paying £40 for it from origin when I can get it for £27.99 else where.

meetajhu2920d ago

i bought it for 20$ via origin

badz1492919d ago

what grinds my gear the most is they are forcing people to be connected to Origin while playing even if you buy it elsewhere! WTF?

Spinal2919d ago

To be hoenst, I think Origin is pretty cool, worked great when I was playing beta. I don't intend on buying any games from Origin cause Game (UK) online does way better prices so all my pre-orders are there.

Trunkz Jr2919d ago

Origin seems fine, it's being forced to use an old nickname you made years ago for BF3 that's angering many.

DeadlyFire2919d ago

Origin = Steam copycat. That is all. Does it really matter if orange circle is on your desktop tray? Is it consuming your soul for being on your computer?

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hiredhelp2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

regarding the article
You dont like it cos its not on steam. Tuff im ok with origin.There not competing there saving cost by doing there own digital distrabution they wont have to give money to steam to do what they can do themselvs.
Whats more EA do there own deadicated servers and money thats saved from going threw steam,Could be added to ea games or servers.
If origin that bad cos of the Digital distrabution then i gues windows live games are bad too?
you dont have to buy from origin its a option same as you dont have to buy from steam its a option.

vortis2920d ago

I think most BF fanboys would prefer if the game was on Steam just so it could at least rival it in PC sales. That's really what it boils down to.

vortis2920d ago

Oops, fail comment and it won't let me edit:

I meant to say that the fanboys want BF3 on Steam to rival MW3 in PC sales. X_X

Kamikaze1352920d ago

I dislike the fact that Steam is the most popular program to use, yet EA decides to force people to use something different. However, that's not the problem, in my opinion. The problem with Battlefield 3 is that on PC you're forced to not only open Origins, but you're also forced to use a browser to navigate menus that should have been in the game itself.

hiredhelp2920d ago

I agree the browser was a huge mistake with bf3 m8.

DeadlyFire2919d ago

Why didn't they just make the in game MP browser window the battlelog browser page?

Sobari2920d ago

EA has already killed Battlefield 3 for me. Oh well...there's already an abundance of games coming out in November that'll keep me occupied for a long time.

C_Menz2920d ago

I don't see how Origin is that bad. Sure I use Steam for just about 90% of my PC games, but it is not that hard to just run Origin when I play BF3 and then close it down when I am done. Plus Origin doesn't do those stupid pop ups about deals whenever I open/close the program unlike Steam.

Origin is a good thing, since without competition any company no matter how "friendly" they seem to be will start becoming somewhat greedy and feel less of a need to give great deals. If Steam remains the only platform of it's kind on the PC it would be nothing but a bad thing.

EA isn't the only ones pushing out their own store/platform since Trion worlds(Rift/End of Nations) is also doing it. It makes sense since if you have the capabilities to run your own store then why not? It beats having to go through a middle-man and pay extra fees to host/release your game to consumers.

It is/was possible to get Bf3 for less than $60 on Origin as well. I got mine for $40 since on my birthday I received a 1/3 off code for any game(no clue if they still allow that with Bf3 since I did it quite early), and in addition to that I got to download ME2 for free since I pre-ordered.

So stop complaining and get used to it. Sure it may stink having to add friends again(takes all of a few minutes), but other than that its no big deal. And above all Origin allows EA to easily deal with hackers/cheaters by banning them quickly while also allowing them to patch the game whenever they feel like it.

bwazy2919d ago

Hey now those deals are what I like to see every time I log into Steam!

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