Ten Characters We'd Like to Swap in

Megabits: Thanks to the likes of Super Smash Bros, Dynasty Warriors and Kingdom Hearts it no longer feels weird seeing characters from one game show up in another. We’re always amused when we see Gears of Wars Marcus and Dom pop up in Lost Planet 2, or when we can pit Link against lumbering Bowser in SSB:B.

Sometimes, however, the idea of character swapping goes further than just an amusing cameo: we at Megabits like to ponder the changes that would occur if you completely swapped characters in certain games. Sometimes the outcome is amusing, sometimes disturbing, and very occasionally you hit on a mash up that would create a game you’d really like to play.

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Tortilla2929d ago

This would be great DLC - bringing in a completely new character to a much-loved game to shake things up a bit. It works with Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - Frank is far better than Chuck!!!

Bojeeva2929d ago

Batman in Dead Rising would be carnage. And yeah, Frank is far better than Chuck

Ranich2929d ago

"Eledr Scrolls IV"

Just thought I'd throw that out there -- first noticeable error that I saw.