Final Fantasy Type 0 New scan

New scan of FF Type 0 from Jump magazine.

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Pozzle2928d ago

A lot of Type 0's characters seem to be suffering from Same Face/Different Hair syndrome.

Tanir2928d ago

a little, its better than the western games having same face same buzzcuts syndrome :P

Mottsy2928d ago

i remember a day when a final fantasy would come out and you would be more then stoked for it. Now they are poppin these little guys out left and right. its worse then 9 months after a highschool prom.

Tanir2928d ago

u obviously havent even looked at this game, if ur a real ff fan or jrpg fan u would know how amazing this game looks, its not being popped out left and right, this has been being developed since the first ff13 trailer was shown.

air ships, world maps, 13 characters, different storyline on newgame+. action rpg, transform into summons. check the gameplay

Mottsy2928d ago

Tanir you couldnt be so right! i havnt even looked at this game and this is the first time of actually hearing about it. But between 13, Versus (where ever that vanished too) 14 (if it ever gets fixed) and 13-2 and now ff zero . But all those things sound like how it should be. and if that's the case then this will be the first FF ive been looking foward to in a while.

Ddouble2928d ago

It's because SE hasn't yet released a release date for the west. On the other hand go to Amazon japan and you'll see this at the top of the list for best sellers.

Also like Tanir said the scale of this game is huge and is better than XIII in everyway but it's on the PSP so people disregard it jut for that.

rataranian2925d ago

13, 14, now 13-2 and this. 4 games in 2 years. It IS being popped out left and right! Fanboys man. Always refusing to acknowledge the truth.

Eamon2928d ago

Wonder when a western release will be announced.