Gamefreaks: Forza Motorsport 4 review

With sounds that could deafen a stadium and visuals that require one to mop the drool off the floor – Turn 10′s latest iteration of Forza comes roaring out of the gates.

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mcstorm2927d ago

I can't get enough of this game. Turn 10 have done an amazing job with it every part of the game is fun and done right. Sp is one of the beat I have played on any console racing game and mp is by far the best of any racing game I have played. And believe it or not kinect really adds to the game. Head tracking is really good but ita the voice commands I like because I can just say Xbox community when in sp and it takes me straight to the mp screen rather than going back through the menus to get to mp.

FragMnTagM2927d ago

Been loving the hell out of this game also. I got the Limited Edition and I am glad that I did.

Haven't been able to put it down too often unless my fingers get tired like right now. I knew I would like it, but I didn't figure I would play it for 12 hours straight yesterday, lol.

Great game. Congrats Turn 10 for making Forza really really shine this time around.

mcstorm2927d ago

12 hours that's some going I i can see why you did. And yep turn 10 did do a very good job with the game mp is the best mp for a racing game I've ever played and spent around 4 hours alone yesterday online. Lets hope alot more people pick this game up as to me it deserves game of the year. Turn 10 have really set the mark with forza 4 ok no night or weather racing but because of this the game dose not have faults of other and id this im sure forza 5 will add this in but to me im not missing it one bit in forza 4.