Hands on with PlayStation Vita (Sydney Morning Herald)

It's big. The first time you see PlayStation Vita, you will definitely be surprised at how large it is. We've become conditioned to seeing our tech devices shrink and shrink, but at 182mm wide and 83mm tall, the Vita is larger than even the first generation PlayStation Portable. But then you pick it up, and have an even bigger shock. It is incredibly light. It also feels much more comfortable in the hand than you might expect, especially with so many features clambering for your attention.

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2925d ago Replies(2)
earbus2925d ago

Well i might finally get a psp if they go way down in price i dont think id use it enough to justify the vita but i should get some cheap games and umd movies, price for psp is around $170 here if it gets down to $120 id really consider it.The launch of the vita may make the psp fly off the shelves.

TheFirstClassic2924d ago

Price of the psp is 130 right now not 170.