Battlefield 3 Sniper Rifle guide

A complete run down of all the sniper rifles in Battlefield 3.

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SH0CKW4VE2924d ago

big WTF on the M82? they werent sure how to balance 50 cals and suddenly the answer is to fire in a semi auto one?

I call BS on that weapon being in the game.

arjman2924d ago

It is ingame, people have unlocked it during the beta...

Rearden2924d ago

Maybe there's a lower-caliber version of the M82? I'm not sure.

WarMachine5392924d ago

Really? Everything I read said Dice has removed it. Any links?

Rearden2924d ago

They said there were some weapons that weren't in the beta. I think 1 or 2 sniper rifles might those weapons.

Marcuskac2923d ago

OMG a suppressor for a sniper rifle!!Its gonna be a hell of a game!