No Offence But: Online Pass = Annoying but necessary

GamerGaia's Ryan Davies writes: It’s been one of those weeks in gaming when one little piece of news sparks a huge online debate that seemingly transcends all time and space. The news that Batman: Arkham City will require an online pass in order to play the Catwoman sections struck many fans as an unfair, ‘capitalist’ decision on the part of Warner Bros. This, of course, is anything but an isolated event, as gamers worldwide have voiced their anger at the online pass concept. Sure it’s annoying and upsets the resale market, but really, it could just help out our industry.

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NovusTerminus2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I agree.

If the company that made the game see's no money they see no reason to make something.

Game Republic went out of business, due to lack of sales. Not blaming used sales / piracy just stating that not all companies out there are financially secure.

EA would not go out of business per se, but they would be willing to shut down the studio in question.

FlameHawk2928d ago

I couldn't agree more with this article because why would developers care about people who hate it when the people hating it are people who rent or buy it used which does NOTHING to for them.

Emilio_Estevez2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Article speaks the truth. All these retailers push used sales b/c they make more money on them. This is an incentive publishers can use to make people buy new.

Tesseract2928d ago

Seriously. Someone had to say it.

iamnsuperman2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I agree. I am sick and tired of these comments/stories about online pass being so evil and how X company is selling out. These companies are protecting their investment. More used sales/borrowing less people buying games which means less money going to the developers. The demand for the game may be there but the money isn't going back. Retailers love used sales because they can buy the game for less and then sell it for more. Online pass may be annoying but necessary

DB92928d ago

Used game sales are a huge part of the reasoning behind "online passes". Publishers and developers make $0 on a sale of a used game, but still have to support it by maintaining multiplayer servers etc.

RGDfleet2928d ago

yup, exactly what i said in the article. Go on, actually give it a read ;)

SITH2928d ago

I had no problem with the online pass when it was for games that required no extra cost from day one. But when they started charging release day on top of the game's cost, then I have a problem. I should get credit for my first day purchase. Customer loyalty.

forevercloud30002928d ago

I have not heard of one game that charges you on day one for online pass(after buying new). The pass is strictly for those who got it second hand because the original owner prob used the code already.

I think you are mistaken.

SITH2928d ago

I said games that cost on top of the cost of the game such as gears of war 3's season pass, or modern warfare 3's elite service. The extra cost refers to that, not the online pass for online access.

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The story is too old to be commented.