The Void in Beating Games: A Lack of Fulfillment in Completing a Game

GP: "There wasn't some day when I was playing a game, came to the end, then suddenly, nothing happened. In a way, it sort of feels like there was a natural progression there, where it was less and less meaningful, like falling in love or killing people. Just one day, you look back on it, and realize that you feel nothing. Beating a game doesn't really mean that much anymore"

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admiralvic2920d ago

Last time I felt that was when I got the Lost Planet 2 platinum lol.

As far as the reason... I always thought it had to do with the journalism aspect. Games are bigger and now we constantly see the "next big thing" and as a gamer a lot of us are on the "next big thing" path. Everything we do is reliant on the next big action, but not the current action...

When you ask people; they ask what you're doing next. When I start a game; I know I need to finish it by X for Y reason. However in the past most games were virtually unknown and there was vast spans of time apart.

Maybe this is just me, but that's what I attributed it to.

Tony P2920d ago

There have been so many changes to the design and intent of today's games. It's hard to point at one thing.

I think really, it's just because so many games are designed for the gaming public at large and not the niche hobbyists gaming used to be full of.

Xenial2920d ago

The recent, few times i've beaten a game and had a sense of fulfillment and emotion - Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire. Both had great characters and you become attached to the main characters. I just beat Dead Island a lil ago and it was meh.. just an easy platinum.

admiralthrawn872920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Demon's Souls.

Knights of the Old Republic.


the god of war trilogy felt like you "beat" it
and oddly, super mario sunshine. had that "win" feel to it

ronin4life2920d ago

Disagrees. Classy, people. Just classy.
Let me even it out. Agree GET!

TheFirstClassic2920d ago

I was pretty disapointed by the Bowser fight in sunshine. He barely even did anything, he just sits there in his tub, occasionally blowing fire at you, but he won't even get off his ass. Throwing bowser into bombs felt much more satisfying.

mandf2920d ago

Game stories are lacking today. Fast paced games are all the rave today (mw, gears, halo, etc.) Good character development and immersive stories and worlds are essential in making a game worth it. Shock value, mp, and a million guns are what developers focus on.

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