Kinect Needs Universal Controls

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Love it or hate it, Kinect has made its way into homes across the world. Microsoft has a gold mine in Kinect, able to go far beyond the reaches of gaming once the tech is fully conceived. Right now, Microsoft is planning a major update to their dashboard that will integrate Kinect into your media even further. Ryan Johnson of GoozerNation thinks that one of the major things they will need is uniformity. Click in to hear his thoughts.

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JimmyJames702924d ago

Using voice to turn it off would be nice.

RyanDJ2924d ago

People might be really rotten walking by though. :)

bustercube2924d ago

I was watching Netflix, and someone in the show said fast forward and sure enough the kinect picked it up and fast forwarded the show, I only wish it worked that good when I tell it to do something.

solidsnake2222924d ago

True, and I'm sure that there will be plentry of implementations later on.

RyanDJ2924d ago

@bustercube Once I was talking about the Xbox when someone was watching a movie. The black bar with options came up, and we all got silent while we waited for it to go away...

brockst4r2924d ago

Universal controls are usually a pretty good idea. It's suprising that this isn't a bigger issue. It's similar to the way the right stick was sort of universally adopted as camera control, or how we have X to select and Circle to go back on the PS3.

djcitizend2924d ago

Problem is, adding more stuff to it raises the price, and deters more people from buying it. They need to make actual good games for it, and then we can talk fancy controls.

Denzalo2924d ago

Agreed, they need to give us a real reason to own one first.

solidsnake2222924d ago

True, I gotta admit, I won one and immediately flipped it on eBay.

RyanDJ2924d ago

I do like how they can "upgrade" through software updates, though. Not like the days of the NES where an upgrade = a new system. Cheaper in the long run.

kube002924d ago

I agree something like this will raise the price

RyanDJ2924d ago

I dunno. Unit is pricey enough as is. Games are usually 10 cheaper right now...might make that go up to compensate.

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