Assassin's Sells Over 1 Million

Any doubts about Assassin's Creed can now be put to rest, as the game's sell-through sales have already topped the record level of 1 million units.

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TriggerHappy3986d ago

Is on PC, PS3 and 360, so what ? They should stop with the praising of this game and get to fixing the bugs

lawman11083986d ago

By not buying a game. Watch, it will be 900,000 360 to 100,000 Ps3 lol

krik3986d ago

Unfortunately for me I was one of those 1M :(

gamesR4fun3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

man doubt you even played the game Im over 3 days in and its freaking fantastic. No freezes since we got the fix the amazing graphics and story are taking me place Ive never been in a game before.
Its a fantastic game that lets you explore a world torn from our own history. Do you know what its like to walk the streets of Jerusalem in the 12th century? To deftly navigate its streets and roofs to find your mark and doing it all your way? Countless hours of exploration tons of hidden treasures and rewards not to mention breath taking scope. I cant wait to hop on the best rendered horse in the history of gaming and ride off to Acre to hunt my next kill.

ps if this game doest get GOTY the systems rigged.

ATLRoAcH3986d ago

It doesn't come out until next year on PC.And, its not that bad of a game.I like the hell out of it.It gets better when you start unlock all your stuff.The grab ledge and grab break alone have made the game more fun for me.

Marcellus Wallace3986d ago

You wouldn't know a good game if it f*cked your mom.

krik3986d ago


Is that stupid question for me? If so here is my answer:
I am a gamer for a sh*t load of time... I'm 37 years old and been gaming since I was 12
I purchased AC for PS3 but I don't like it. Do I need to like it just because you do? lol

Anyway here is my AC experience: kicked off the game went through that annoying tutorial for Altair controls then got some 1191 AC action and was having fun when I got pulled back into the future time because the female scientist wanted me to rest... went back in, lost all my powers and then got my assignment for the first kill and another tutorial (fight tutorial). Anyway was still having fun so I completed the first kill and went back to get the 2nd kill assignment. I got 2 to choose from so I went to Jerusalem to start working on the second kill and got bored. Second kill was just like the first one... spy on 2 dudes, pick pocket another dude and kill the target dude... hmm, didn't I just did that?

Also I hated both the melee combat and the unskilled jumping around. Hold R1+X and Altair never misses a jump, nice. Hold R1 and hit square to counter attack and one shoot the dude, nice. Not going to say anything about the fact that you have to climb lots of freaking towers that all look the same to see stuff on your map. Really I have the game but I wish I didn't.

Lionsguard3986d ago

I bought the game first day LE. Played it for about 6hrs, popped it out put in Oblivion or CoD4, AC has yet to look inside my PS3 since.

bruiser813986d ago

@1.2: Your statement reeks of troll sh1tt, previous reports stated the the 360 version accounted for 67 percent assuming its only console sales. That leaves 33 percent for the ps3, so that leaves a max estimated 330k min 200k.

gamesR4fun3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

@ krik is it your post??? obviously my answer is for the guy Im replying to.... but since your so chipper here we go.

you know you dont need to do all the interrogation's or citizen missions right? Once you find the mark you can pretty much slay at will...
Not only that but did you notice the difference between the cities and even among the guards in any one city? Has for the lookouts flags and other stuff its all optional m8 and personally Im having a blast doing all the side missions nothing beats finding all the lookout points or saving all the citizens imo. The fighting can be pretty tense too if your not positioned right and have 4 or five guards swinging at you good chance they'll land a hit or two maybe even kill ya even if you try and counter. Not to mention if its still to easy for you you can choose not to use counter at all....

Personally tho i think your full of it... tell you what tell us what the second mark does for kicks if you have indeed played the game.

mesh13986d ago

aSSASIn creed is better than uncharted deall with it there oth same genre compare what they both bring uncharted 2 style attacks lame story assins creed so many ways to kill HUNDREDS OF PPL AT 1 TIME ON THE SCREEN full built citys to scale any were a decnt story a bloody game with blood uncharted is a joke the combat gameplay is soo liner all the guns sound the same ill never buy a game in which there is no depth it what it meant to do come on gears of war sucked but her it had toteally defet weap[ojns that did defferent things uncharteds is a PA PAP PA PAP game the guns all are the same the tracer fire is lik ps1

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gamesblow3986d ago

Unbelievable... A half assed game like Assassins Creed. Word of mouth didn't catch on fast enough, I suppose. I won't be venturing into Assassins Creed 2 terroity, that's for sure. I learned my lesson this time aorund. Ubi-soft, you make the worst damn games EVER! Sneak King is more quality than this puddle of pig PI$$. Atleast it boots up, plays and runs without freezing.

360sucks3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

this is the worst game in history 2 sell a million
they wont fool nobody next time
(reply)Dr Pepper your so right
i forgot about that crap of a game
good info

R M Spender3986d ago

i hope you are just some home schooled 14 year old or else you are trying to sound annoying everytime you post. everyone look at this guys posts they are great!!! i just come to n4g to look for this guy!! oh... yeah and all games ubi soft make are bad? have you ever played rainbow six... "jackson"?

Dr Pepper3986d ago

@ 360sucks

I haven't played this yet, but I highly doubt it's the worse game to ever sell a million. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the 50 Cent game sold over a million.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have Assassins Creed.

chester3986d ago

personally, i think you're both nuts. i've put hours into this game so far and have loved every second of it. but that's just my opinion.

MK_Red3986d ago

Agreed. I can't imagine anyone not liking AC. The game is truly fun and enjoyable. Definitly deserves the sales and even more.

jcgamer3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

I'm definitely going to purchase and play it...when, I don't know...the wallet will be on life support who wants to give JC a Christmas present, just PM me and let me on...

solar3986d ago

agree with both you chaps. the game is fun.

Marceles3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

If Assasin's Creed came out before reviews, everyone would say it's a good game. It's not GOTY, but everyone who's totally shooting it down and letting reviews pursway them has no credibility. The game is good, period. It's not Bioshock or any of the super AAA games we've previously had, but people are acting it's just the absolute worst game ever.

ATLRoAcH3986d ago

I'm am loving me some Assassin's Creed.Just started memory block 4.I'm liking this game like I thought I would.It hasn't froze on me in about three or four days.I think I'm going to go play it now.

MK_Red3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Bubbles for all of you.
JC, I'm already broke. I spent all the money I had saved for PS3 on current games and yet had to leave many other games that I wanted.
All I can say is... game on :)

Marceles, while I still believe that AC is a AAA game, I agree with you that if the game was out before reviews, people would have been different. Also, great point about people talking about AC as the worst game ever :)

UPDATE: Agreed with Daxx. Bubbles for you too :)
UPDATE 2: Thanks jcgamer :) and agreed on new IPs. Hope Mass Effect, Uncharted and Rock Band sell a lot (But deep inside, I pray AC sells the most. I'm an Assassins fanatic...)

Daxx3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

I agree, this game is tons of fun and it needs not to go unnoticed. I'm glad that it has sold 1 million copys. ^_^

jcgamer3986d ago

I hear you on...and bubbles all around...sup Daxx!...and I agree, I'm glad that a new IP launched so successfully...cheers to Mass Effect and Uncharted being a success as well...I'm pretty sure Rock Band will also...

Marceles3986d ago

In my head, I would think it's AAA too actually...but it seems like everyone will just follow the leader and join in on the AC bashing.

Danja3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Im in with this pro AC group great game played the hell out of it till I got Uncharted....

But those freaking bugs choose to rear there ugly heads a few days ago game froze on me a few times but a simple reboot did the job...ppl should definetly buy this game and judge it for themself...

I say bring on AC2 Ubi..!!

mesh13986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

i agree with chester 11 of the best looking games thsi yearexcept mayebe mass effect bu ti dont have it to jugdeuis no out in the uk, and man i loved the 1st assasination tbh that were im at when that guys kills the dude in frion of evey 1 how brutal this game is a good game and im happy to see every 1 on my freind list has assasins creed on xbox live so do i P.s IM BUYING BULDER GATE 2 TODAY THO hahah never played it ive heard to much about it that i give in that the only aaa rate rpg iv enot played as i played a lot of jrpg in th epast

heihoosilver3985d ago

Is AC really good?
Because i buy Ac, mass effect, call of duty 4 and i hadn´t played the games yet. I´m waiting for my 360 arrive from repair from Microsoft. Is it really good?

Leathersoup3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

I'd like to see a statistic based on who likes the game and who doesn't compared to which console they're running the game on.

@heihoosilver: The game is awesome... but so is Mass Effect. I'm torn between the two as to which should get game of the year. :)

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lonestarmt3986d ago

I"m actually really happy it sold well. I loved it, but that if it was more refined and better AI that ubisoft could have a masterpiece. So maybe they can take their ideas and tweek it a little bit and make AC 2 the game AC 1 should have been.

MK_Red3986d ago

I'm with you. It's more than great that a good new IP is selling well enough. Personally I think AC1 is a masterpiece even with AI problems and other bugs but that's just me. The experience is always worth more than technical view and AC was one of the best and most unique gaming experiences I've had in years.

ATLRoAcH3986d ago

This will help ensure a sequel.I really like the whole story so far.I like a little sci-fi twist in my

gamesblow3986d ago

Well, that's your opinion to have... Mine is of the "I don't care, like or even think about this game" nature. It was a huge waste of time, strung together by massively long, drawn out boring cut scenes and a bland character that you swap into. It's terrible. The whole aspect of the game reeked of Si-fi original picture. Maybe even worse.

Enjoy the game, I'm glad you and apparently millions of others are... Someone has to buy the $hit Ubi-soft dumps out of their outhouse.

mesh13986d ago

next gen kid we knwo why ALL PS3 TROLS on this site hating on assasin is because they are angry that a muliplatfiorm game called assisns creed look /plays muchh better/and has a better sotry lien than uncharted drakes fortune belie u me ac is a much deeper gam than uncharted which is a popcorn flick of a game