“Better With Kinect” Becoming A Reality

TheCrapgamer from writes:
We’ve been seeing those words on more and more Xbox 360 games, “Better With Kinect”. I was a bit skeptical at first, but lately I have to admit that I’m sold on Kinect integration with pretty much any game on the Xbox 360, as long as it’s done with the same kind of care we’ve seen in Forza Motorsport 4.

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iamnsuperman2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

The statement is technically true as the kinect adds more ways to control and in some circumstances more features but Microsoft is going the Move route. Move is great and I enjoy the extra options (great for FPS) but for new adopters it is not enough. It isn't technically necessary to use it. Hardcore Kinect and Move only games are needed and are really not present. It is nice Microsoft have found a place for the Kinect but it is becoming less about a new way to control games but a new way to control menus/new way to give voice commands.

MariaHelFutura2928d ago

Forza or GT are better w/ a steering wheel, silly.

zeal0us2928d ago

Only if M$ can draw majority of the pro-controller people towards kinect. Some people still see the "Better with Kinect" as joke. I remember seeing the kinect integration feature for ME3. The one thing I ask myself couldn't you do the same thing with a headset. Now the kinect driving while playing forza kinda caught my attention. Mainly b/c I'm one of those people who have a tendency to turn their head while playing a driving simulation/game. Overall I think its one of those things that will get better/become a reality as time progress.

Noticeably_FAT2928d ago

Forza 4 is definitely better with Kinect. Love using both for that game, same with Child Of Eden, I prefer the Kinect controls.

I like that Microsoft is mixing things up with Kinect now, I am looking forward to the added Kinect options on a game like ME3, I had trouble with getting my squad to go where I wanted, so Kinect will allow much easier control of your squad.
I also love the full Kinect games like Dance Central, Kinect Sports, Rise Of Nightmares and of course Gunstringer.
Good read.

turgore2928d ago

lol rise of nightmares.

Noticeably_FAT2928d ago

What's so funny about that? I enjoyed that game immensely. I think it was a great first attempt at a full game. I loved it, I know it was hit or miss, but I hope they continue putting out games like that.

earbus2928d ago

Yeah i agree i have enjoyed my time with kinnect,great device thank MS for the endless entertainment.