The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - footage showing Necromancy, Dragon Steps & Dwemer Centurion Hammer

New footage for The Elder Scrolls V showing Necromancy, Dragon Steps and Dwemer Centurion Hammer

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MAJ0R2919d ago

looks pretty cool, must be a recent build of the game... something looks better about it

Jacks_Medulla2919d ago

I'm glad Arkham City is released this week. Otherwise, the next 25 days: 2 hours: 26 minutes : 32 seconds would be unbearable.

Drake1172919d ago

Fu******************* yeah dwemer centurion! lol hella excited!

lashes2ashes2919d ago

me to. i want answers why the dwemer just up and left the world. this game is going to kick ass

Avernus2919d ago

I foresee me gaining weight when this comes'll be worth it.