STN: Just Dance 3 review

STN Writes:

Just Dance obviously appeals to a lot of people given the sales of the series so far, saying that though, it’s in the big league now and the competition here is a lot more fierce than that of the Wii and the big question for Ubisoft is will this game Kinect with the public?

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mcstorm2924d ago

I picked this game up for kinect on tuesday as i know my little sister loves the wii version and dance central is a bit to hard for her being young and i have to say im impressed with i its not as hard as dance central because you cant fail on it but the music is spot on for kids and adults and the 4 player works very well as long as you have a big enough living room. I kniw this game is not liked by the core but to me the kids are the next gen core gamers so games like this only do good for the industry in terms of bringing the next bunch or core gamers through.

EazyC2924d ago

Giving the rating "good" does not qualify as "4/6"? I understand the logic in what you (the uploader) did, but idk about the whole rating thang.

BattleAxe2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

The rating system this site uses is stupid.