NowGamer - Portal 2 'Peer Review' DLCReview

NowGamer - With many publishers bolstering their games with overly-priced slapdash DLC, and using dubious tactics such as charging gamers for content already on the disc, the first batch of free Portal 2 extras comes as a nice little surprise for fans.

Adding a new co-op chapter consisting of nine new test chambers, Peer Review is short-lived, but it’s also incredibly difficult, which will add to the running time.

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MrSpace2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Should of stuck to single player content Valve...

I hate all this "Social Connected" stuff they keep talking about. It makes me scared that HL3 will have an online, HL2 death match was fine because it was seperate from the game, they made it after HL2. This is what they should of done with Portal 2, make a very long single player game packed with challenges, time trials, differen't modes for levels and THEN do a co-op story for DLC. I mean it's not like they can add to the story with DLC since it's over...with the co-op campaign they had they could of added that when ever they liked

blumatt2923d ago

I agree to an extent. I'd have liked a longer single player and/or that this dlc was more single player content, BUT I do believe it's good they're supporting co-op with this game because it's fun as hell on co-op.