NowGamer - WRC 2 (PS3) Review

NowGamer - This sequel to last year’s passable if unspectacular rallying sim still exists squarely in the shadow of its brasher, showier contemporary, DiRT 3.

It’s good to get things like that out of the way early – though that’s not to say it won’t have appeal to anyone, as the usual grab-bag of rally enthusiasts will lap WRC 2 up. Pun absolutely intended. Even if laps aren’t a big part of rallying.

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Miths2925d ago

While this game is flawed in a number of areas, as a rally game experience it beats Dirt 3 and 2 combined by a country mile simply by virtue of it's vastly more comprehensive collection of rally stages.
It's also generally a much more challenging experience (playing with a Logitech G25 wheel) than the Dirt games, both thanks to some very tight and twisty tracks thrown in among the faster more sweeping ones, just as there's a very large difference in feel between the different car classes, with the slowest R2 cars like the Suzuki Swift being predictable but fun, while eg. a '92 Toyota Celica Turbo feels like it wants to kill you.

My only real complaints about WRC 2 (though I could certainly start nitpicking in other areas) is that wheel rotation is limited to 180 degrees (works well enough 99% of the time, but still a very odd and disappointing choice) and that there's no force feedback setting at all, and the default is not quite strong enough for my taste.

Knushwood Butt2925d ago

Is it worth picking up if you have the first game (and still haven't beaten it) ?

earbus2925d ago

Yeah i agree MITHS main reason this wins is no ken block or pathetic xgames,gymkana levels and drift that crap ruined dirt series.