Battlefield 3 PC Leaked 12 Days Before Official Release

DSOGaming writes: "We’ve been criticised for reporting only console leaks of triple-A games, thus favouring the PC platform. This is not the case as today, we bring you news about a major Battlefield 3 leak. DICE’s highly anticipated PC version of Battlefield 3 has just been leaked to various torrent sites, 12 days before official release."

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raytraceme2923d ago

Doesn't matter this is a multiplayer first game. I hope dice will protect their multiplayer portion of the game to the fullest. Anyways I really want to see how bf3 runs on my pc so I'm going to give this a go. Before I get hate I already preordered the game for my ps3 and pc. I just have to try the single player early though :P

fluffydelusions2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Yep, won't do any good unless all you want to do is play the SP.

malol2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

good luck with Origin
hope who ever downloads it wont get banned by EA

that is if he intends to buy it
other wise

evrfighter2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

hell ya i'm down. I've pre-ordered 2 copies of bf3 so I think I'll enjoy me some singleplayer

Hufandpuf2923d ago

Dice even said that pirates weren't a problem to them. They can't access the multiplayer portion and I'm sure most of the downloaders will end up buying the game anyway just for the multiplayer.

Motorola2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

BC2 online was never fully cracked, Dice know what they are doing.

Winter47th2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Again, to no one's surprise, another PC game gets leaked but this one is way earlier than the others.

This'll hurt sales, insure console's dominance in sales, and most definately insure MW3 outselling the hell out of BF3.

I still wonder why developers even bother with PC anymore. btw this's GREAT NEWS! It'll surely open DICE's eyes to how futile it is to support PC and most probably ensure the next BF will be a console exclusive just like the first Bad Company.

Piracy has been on PC for over a decade, and it won't go away anytime soon. So much for being an "ELITE".

Hey PC boys did you buy a new CPU, GPU and extra sticks of RAMs for 2000$ yet? I know you guys beat off on those things.

Consoles are the future. PC's for porn and charts and googling lolcats. You're welcome.

limewax2923d ago


So much stupidity I won't even waste any efforts trying to educate you.

All I will say is if you knew what devs made games on then it would probably blow your tiny little mind

Winter47th2923d ago

Don't you have another game to download illegally?

Support the devs please. Thank you.

AzaziL2922d ago

Won't do any good if your planning to buy the game day 1, crack won't be out until then like most PC releases, especially ones that rely on a platform like Steam.

Ice2ms2922d ago

"Hey PC boys did you buy a new CPU, GPU and extra sticks of RAMs for 2000$ yet? I know you guys beat off on those things. "


Toxic22922d ago


This video describe pretty much my reaction to what you said:

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TheIneffableBob2923d ago

It'll be protected for awhile. They keep the server files to the trusted server operators and there won't be any unofficial servers unless those files leak, which I suspect will happen eventually. It happened with Bad Company 2, but you're going to be stuck on an older version of the game unless newer server files leak.

beastgamer2923d ago

Will buy for online.

outwar60102923d ago

sp is pretty important hope no douche posts spoilers

awi59512923d ago

I bet it was leaked at the place that presses the disks its so easy to steal crap at factories they dont give a crap. And if the disks are being pressed in china you get what you deserve.

ATi_Elite2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

some jerk who works at a store who unloads the deliver truck, opens a box and steals some games, goes home and uploads them!

You would be a FOOL to download BF3 cause you are downloading a stolen game, that hasn't been officially released yet, and this takes priority for law officials to prosecute! including the down loaders who are receiving stolen goods!

Just like the ass clown that got major jail time for uploading Super Mario Galaxy like a few weeks before release!

Just wait and BUY BF3 in 10 days like every other Red Blooded American!

*Pirating BF3 is considered Terrorism punishable by water boarding and/or Predator Drone Missile strike*

Flavor2922d ago

everyone is disagreeing with him? For reals? Pro tip: Just because you bought your nifty new app doesn't allow you to break street date. Fools going for early releases are just copyright notification email bait. And yes, piracy hurts sales. Don't give me the 'I always buy the games i download, promise cross my heart!' spiel.

Trunkz Jr2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Don't you need Origin to play SP, or to be logged into Battlelog? I remember people complaining about that crap but if it's true, they can easily track who is playing SP right now and ban hammer them.

If your reading my comment, don't be an idiot and pirate it just wait for release. It doesn't matter if your still gonna buy the game your still contributing to the pirated copy, because the last thing you want is DICE to make BF4 a port to PC ~ they worked hard for the PC version give it the respect it deserves.

Heartnet2923d ago

Theres way around that :) Just Like Ubisofts DRM.. theres always a way around :)

Flavor2922d ago

Technically, buy uploading the pirated game during P2P exchange, they can nail you for transmitting copyrighted material, even if you preordered it.

Spitfire_Riggz2923d ago

Yeah how the hell can you play a leaked game that requires you to use origin

Heartnet2923d ago

Either Log into origin lol or just make it think u have xD

sonicblastoise2921d ago

It's not a good enough argument to say "eh it's multiplayer so who cares about the singleplayer" for two very good reasons:

1) developers and designers spend as much time, if not more, creating a singleplayer experience for people to enjoy, and it is worth something (and that something is not "free")
2) not everyone gets games for multiplayer, and connectivity should NEVER been taken for granted when it comes to players in general. It's unfair and shortsighted.

Lastly, as a side note, this kind of thing is exactly the kind of thing that gives big companies like EA MORE REASON to institute harsh DRM. So no, there really is no excuse for this kind of thing happening.

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Dart892923d ago

Why is it always pc and 360 versions getting leaked and not the PS3 version just wondering??

I already have my ps3 version pre ordered.

Shaman2923d ago

Its trickier to do, plus its usually 15+ gb.

raytraceme2923d ago

ps3 games are 25-50gb and it's hell for most people to download them. Also maybe they can't find early copies of the ps3 version.

HappyWithOneBubble2923d ago

Not all PS3 games are over 25gb. Most PS3 exclusives are but multiplats not unless the 360 versions have multiple disc then yeah.

kevnb2923d ago

you can count the ps3 games larger than 25 gigs on one hand.

lorianguy2923d ago

On PS3, the games are always bigger, around 25GB. (e.g. look at DLC on Xbox compared to PS3, its bigger on PS3) Also it's hard to play them on PS3, even with a jailbreak. It's not possible to play them online either.

limewax2923d ago

Because new games cant be played on hacked PS3s. it requires the newer firmwares that hackers can't seem to crack

Ares902923d ago

Not many people jailbreak their ps3.

ATi_Elite2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

PS3 games are leaked before release date and pirated just like PC and 360 games.

Killzone 3 was on the Internet before store shelves. Even at a hefty 41GB many people grabbed it.

it's some jerk who works at a store who unloads the deliver truck, opens a box and steals some games, goes home and uploads them!

You would be a FOOL to download BF3 cause you are downloading a stolen game, that hasn't been officially released yet, and this takes priority in official prosecuting for!

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MrGunny942923d ago

People who download it wil buy it for MP, most of them will buy it just to finish SP early and jump fast to MP

lorianguy2923d ago

Seeing as it can't be played online and that this is an online-centered game, it's not too bad.

Pandamobile2923d ago

Kinda temped to DL this run through the single player so I can jump right into MP next Tuesday.

raytraceme2923d ago

as long as you pre ordered the game, no one is condemning you ;)

lorianguy2923d ago

Yep, it's not hurting EA or Dice that way.

sonicsidewinder2923d ago

yet they'll still use it as statistical 'evidence' to say 'Piracy is killing us'.


zero_gamer2923d ago

Like sonicsidewinder stated a torrent download will have a good chance of being included in a compiled statistic database and use that data as support for their claims against piracy. Even if you have plans on buying the game, that torrent download cannot be linked to your game purchase. It is very difficult to distinguish between full blown pirates and gamers that both download a torrent and purchase the same game.

damnyouretall2922d ago

yeah im sure this game is a purchase even though its on a torrent site early. for the first time i acually believe a leak wont hurt the developer at all. kinda funny if you think about it. sp is just a bonus, if i had a nice pc id dig in right about now. if you download just dont spoil shit for us, no videos please, id be too tempted :)

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StayStatic2923d ago

Same but theirs probly achievements on battlelog that wud be nice to grab.

Don't see the rush tbh with other great games out atm

Septic2923d ago

Yeah I might do the same. I've pre-ordered my copy any way.