Wii is sold out in UK

Nintendo might well be cracking the whip on the Wii production line, but pretty much everybody still seems to be feeling the pinch of shortages. UK shoppers, for example, are becoming increasingly desperate for the console, with online retailers now getting in the region of 100,000 requests a day from panicky, possibly hyperventilating Brits.

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dale13985d ago

hold on vg chartz said it sold 50,000 last week jokers there,s been no wi for weeks in the uk and 60gb ps3 is going the same way it may have a trickle hear and there but thats it 50,000 yeah and pigs fly

wiizy3985d ago

thats a statement that sony and microsoft cannot make.. there will be more wii's this weekend

MaximusPrime_3985d ago

sold out in UK. Here come PS3 and Xbox 360. looks like a close call to me.
I dont want to say xbox 360 will sell far more than PS3. I say PS3 will lead with 3 - 10 more consoles sold.

moolox3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Nintendo must be the biggest fools in history. Sony and MS in a price war giving stuff away to sell them and nintendo are given sales on a plate are to stupid to enough make them.

This means they are still nervous on the passing fad thing as they are not selling much software apart from PLAY and SPORTs so they have not got the guts to put production through the roof.

Bladestar3985d ago

This is all strategy.. to keep the wii a hot item... people like stuff that they can't get. There is no reason why Nintendo (after 1 year) would have supply issues... trust me.. there are lots of companies out there that would invest lots of money on nintendo so they make a wii for everyone that could possibly buy one... not that nintendo needs the money or the factory to supply demands.

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