Uncharted 3 Comparision Siria and Ship (Trailer E3 - Spot TV)

Take a look at these screenshots, and compare what's the difference

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bronxsta2927d ago

WOW. Just wow.

I can't believe the visual leap ND made in three+ months.
Didn't recognize the moment with the ship explosion, it looked so different in the TV spot with the full effects.

And I thought the game looked amazing at E3

Wow. 11-1 can't come fast enough

elshadi2927d ago

if this game didn't get 10/10 in gfx
i will kill someone

Burning_Finger2927d ago

NO MORE SPOILER!!! For Pete sake...

Michael-Jackson2927d ago

Naughty dog is amazing, constantly improving and making changes.

GribbleGrunger2927d ago

but it doesn't say which is which

RememberThe3572927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Left side is old, right side is new.

this really isn't a good comparison anyway.

elshadi2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

why it's not good comparison???
i see HUGE visual leap between the two
i don't know how ND did that
and also i have chills from just thinking
of what GG or SM or SP will do next with their engine on ps3

GribbleGrunger2927d ago

but the pictures are tiny! i still can't see why you lot are so astounded. it's going to be the best game on any console ever, there is no doubt, but i can't judge the improvements from those tiny shots

Ezio20482927d ago

Game of the year!!!
Game of the year!!!
Game of the year!!!
Game of the year!!!
Game of the year!!!
Game of the year!!!

ohh yeah baby!!!:-)