Top 10 Best iPhone 4S Games

GR - "Like the iPad, the iPhone 4S is beefy enough to run games that would struggle to work on a netbook. Here are some of the best games you can play on the device."

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Valay2928d ago

There are some gems for the iPhone, but there's also a lot of shovelware.

StillGray2928d ago

I'd just get Machinarium.

Hozi2928d ago

These games don't really interest me. One reason. I can't stand not having my buttons and Analog sticks.

_Aarix_2927d ago

Oh cry me a river. Ive played ps1 games on the damn phone and they work just fine.

Hozi2927d ago

What does it have a virtual on screen analog and other PS1 like buttons?

_Aarix_2927d ago

Yup they dont really get in the way either.