CVG - Dead Rising 3 - What we want to see

CVG - Instead of handing us the cure Capcom has delivered a temporary remedy with Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, a reimagining of the second game that kicks Chuck Green out of the starring role spot and replaces him with Willamette's most intrepid photographer, Frank West.

But Off the Record isn't enough to satiate us, we need a proper sequel. Odds are Capcom won't be announcing one just yet and we probably won't be playing it for a few years either, but we're sure it'll show up eventually.

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WhiteLightning2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

An option to the main story where you don't have to rush the story in a three day time's ridiculous. It goes against the whole point of an open map game.

Come on Capcom give us a no time limit mode

In Dead Rising 2 it was hard to enjoy the map when you have a clock ticking away plus when you wanted to do side missisions then get back to the story (like having a break from the campaign) you had to start all over with the long loading times, it was annoying.


isnt there a free-roam without the time limit in Dead Rising 2: off the record?

WhiteLightning2929d ago

Can you do the main missions, then do side missions, free roam for a bit to mess around then go back to the main missions with out the time getting in the way ?

jashmister2928d ago

DR2:OTR has a sandbox mode, your save slot actually has both story and sanbox in it, so you can save your main game swap over to sandbox mode and mess around save your sandbox and jump back into the story, all this time any levels combo cards or money follow you between the saves.

I think it would be very silly to remove the time limit, most of the game is about saving survivors and discovering why this is happening and managing your time to do both of these, Removing that removes the difficulty and making saving all the survivors easy.


"For fans that hated the missions and timed challenges that could derail the storyline of the previous game (i.e. anyone who isn't a glutton for frustration), DR2: Off the Record's sandbox mode is absolutely for you."

despair2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

it needs to have no time limits at all, we are way beyond such an outdated gameplay type, that's what lost me early in DR2 and why I'll never play DR2:off the record, sandbox mode is not enough, I don't like a game rushing me, especially when killing zombies, which is why I like Dead Island even with its flaws.

NnT32912928d ago

It would be great if we could play like GTA.

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