Mass Effect: Space monkeys and other galactic curiosities

Games Radar writes, "So you've got your space ship and the whole galaxy is just a quick swoosh away. But besides levelling up by collecting artefacts, salvaging probes and searching for minerals, what reason is there to make like a tourist and embark on a spot of intrepid planet hopping? We'll tell you what - space monkeys. After all, everyone loves monkeys, even the spindly, dead-eyed kind. Right?"

"After hiking from one end of Mass Effect's galaxy to the other, we've collated a rough guide to some of the more interesting, beautiful and curious points-of-interest that can be found on the various desolate planets. From space monkeys and pyramids, to killer worms and stunning vistas, we tell you where to find the good stuff. And, if you still can't be bothered to engage thrusters, we've got video proofery of the lot, so at least you can pretend you've been there."

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