BF3 – Recon Class Awarded More Points In Final Build and Function of SOFLAM Detailed

Senior Gameplay Designer Frederik Thylander has revealed some new information regarding the point system implemented in Battlefield 3.

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Criminal2921d ago

I'm really glad that they're giving snipers more incentives to help out the team. I don't play as a sniper myself, but I hope snipers in my team will start using the beacons more often as it helps a lot when we're attacking.

Mister_V2921d ago

Can't wait to blow up some stuff with the SOFLAM!

a_squirrel2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

This is Off-Topic but...
Site down for 10 mins! Just a heads up.

MrGunny942921d ago

Final build of the game is where it shows the true BF3.... in the final build the animations are fixed, no more damm bugs you hated in the beta and weapon balance...!

Mister_V2921d ago

Yes, it looks much much better!

MrGunny942921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Indeed, that's why i told all my friends to don't look to the beta as the real BF3... if you look at the final build you can see how the textures problems and enviroment is fixed ;) More stable FPSs as well!

EDIT: You can also see a smoother version of the knifing animation

Mister_V2921d ago

Biggest thing I'm happy about is that is seems like the hit registration has been greatly improved. Definitely a big must!

MrGunny942921d ago

Indeed Mister_V the netcode of the game improved a lot since BC2 :)

FlareDReborn2921d ago

I cannot wait....Just 8 more days.

Criminal2921d ago

Who else is going to the mid-night launch? I think I will!

LeonVesper2921d ago

I am going to pre-load the game on my PC on the 21st. Fun stuff.

pody2921d ago

I'm with Leon, but have fun Criminal! :D

red2tango2921d ago

The only thing I don't like is how long it takes to knife someone. I don't want it to me Call of Duty fast, but somewhere in between. Other than that, gameplay is stellar.

Criminal2921d ago

I agree, just a tad bit faster.

consolez_FTW2921d ago

Yeah the knifing could be faster, more realistic. But the thing that got to me the most was the knife hit detection. I'd knife a guy twice and he wouldn't die..then he'd turn around and kill me. Lots of those moments that made me pissed.

SJPFTW2921d ago

knifing him in the front wont kill him. go back to COD if you want to one shot someone by slicing his feet. learn how to play sounds like you got outplayed

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The story is too old to be commented.