The Best Way to Get a Refund for Hacked Xbox Live Accounts

Eric of Writes:

"Was your Xbox Live Account hacked? Were charges made to your credit card due to the hacking? Here is the best and quickest way to get your refund."

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SITH2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I agree with this article in it's approach to deal with unwanted charges, but calling the accounts hacked is a bit of a stretch. Maybe the internet email accounts were hacked. But more likely than not, these people volunteered their account information which resulted in access to their accounts. Some people are too gullible and reveal too much information. Plus Xbox live customer care has reportedly inadvertently leaked private information. They I can believe are a credible source. Either way, Xbox live accounts should be secured with a password (Xbox live pass code in account management) to activate your consoles online functionality. That way you increase the protection and peace of mind that your money is harder to get at. Or just don't use credit/debit cards.