Battlefield 3 "Operation Firestorm" Multiplayer Map Preview (PS3 Gameplay)

"G4tv's Donell Tucker gives you a preview look at the new multiplayer map entitled, Operation Firestorm."

raytraceme4251d ago

I have to say that gameplay is much more fluid than the beta. The map is just WOW :D Great Graphics, with all this destruction and vehicles Damn Good job dice can't wait!!!

dark-hollow4251d ago

The biggest mistake of the beta (besides the annoying bugs) is that they showcased a somewhat narrow map with no vehicles!!!

Wtf they were thinking??? It's like activation releasing a demo for mw3 that is only single player.

Battlefield is all about huge maps and tanks, choppers and jeeps mayhem!!!
Instead we got this metro bullshit!!!

SuperbVillain4251d ago

they clearly stated the BETA was mainly for server stress.And I'm sure they just wanted to give a little taste just to tease

AO1JMM4251d ago

Caspian Border says hi.

Spitfire_Riggz4251d ago

"you can place 3 atacama desert maps in operation firestorm" WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

Ducky4251d ago

So... it's as big as HeavyMetal then?

RaptorGTA4251d ago

Im wondering if the mean the area you can fly in rather then the playing area. the flags looked kinda close...but either way the game looks great and we'll be able to play this soon. cant wait!

Dart894251d ago

"It also has the most vehicles you say".

Well looks like i'm gonna play as an Engi every time this level pops up >:).

Ethereal4251d ago

Who the hell hired that guy to talk about games?

BattleAxe4251d ago

Why, are you interested in hiring him?

Jayjayff4251d ago

i think he meant that he didn't do such a good job while commenting in the game and he is perplexed as to how he actually got hired. But yet that is just a guess.

Torunkz4251d ago

He kept saying BF2 but he really meant BC2.

Ethereal4250d ago


Yea I was just surprised at his lack of information about the game. He sounds like some random dude asked to talk about something he knows nothing about. Just an observation in which I meant no disrespect. =)

sxore4251d ago

Kind of wish the video was in higher quality... Damn G4.

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