First Picture Of A New Arab PSVita Game

During The Event OF WCG That Held In Jordan , NG4A team got There Hands On The First Arab Game Coming To PSN For Both PS3 and PSVita

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wenaldy2928d ago

Unearthed: Trails of Ibn Batuta comes to my mind..

MasterCornholio2928d ago

Oh god not the fake uncharted game. That is going to suck.
And I hope it's not a sequel of underash ( the game where you run Jews over with a bull dozer.

Protagonist2928d ago

Whoaa !! what happened MasterCornholio...take it it easy. Bit prejudiced there... ;o)

MasterCornholio2927d ago

Lol I was just kidding. But there is a game called Underash and I hope to god they don't make a sequel of it.

Do you understand me now? I would hate to loose bubbles for stating this.


Protagonist2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I know you weren´t serious mate...thats the smiley face in the end.

No worries ! you got my bubbles. ;o)