Price Confirmation For Playstation Peripherals by HORI

Update: While Sony haven't yet confirmed it'll be using these peripherals, TAC3 now confirms the prices of these devices.

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The_Nameless_One2923d ago

This thing looks useless. $127 for a "k/m" combo that's gimped on top of things? Are you kidding me? What are Sony thinking. Why not just give the developer the option to turn it on in their games making a useless accessory no gamer in their right mind is going to buy.

I appreciate Sony intention of gaping the bridge between PC and Console gamers and trying to make some games work better but why do a half assed job at it. The PS3 already naturally supports a K/M.

If you are a gamer and intend of spending money on this then just go and buy a tub of lube and start inserting your fist right up your ass. It'll be cheaper and who knows, you might get an enjoyment out of it.

SilentNegotiator2923d ago

I call BS on the "confirmed" $127 price tag. First of all, nothing gets priced $--7.-- and secondly, that is the direct yen-to-USD conversion that we've already seen.

And "No gamer in their right mind will buy"? Well I guess you just speak for absolutely everyone's tastes, don't you? Plenty of people bought the other mouse/mkb accessories, and they weren't necessarily cheap either.

jriquelme_paraguay2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

if this was Logitech, 123usd maybe... but HORI?


josephps32923d ago

lmao @ The Nameless One

Oh man you're hilarious dude. I couldn't agree with you more. Unreal Tournament had full K&M support so we know 100% the PS3 can have K&M. Sony could have just allowed full K&M across the board and let developers provide the option or not just like the current situation with Move support. But noooo, leave it to Sony to come up with this greedy stupid proprietary idea with a ridiculously expensive price tag-reminds me of PS3 launch.

This product is going to tank and that's bad because that may be taken the wrong way as customers don't want K&M support when there is a huge demand but we don't want to get reamed in the ass and smile about it and say thank you for the abuse.