Final Fantasy XIV Reboot: a Look Into the Future

Giuseppe Nelva of gives an in-depth look at the future of Final Fantasy XIV, starting with the new monthly subscription plans and moving on to the updates that will lead to 2.0 and the PS3 launch.

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Kurisu2927d ago

So long to wait until this game! Good job that I have Type-0 and Versus XIII to tide me over until this comes out. Oh, wait...

evrfighter2927d ago

im lookin forward to it despite all the trash i was sayin a year ago.

Kamikaze1352927d ago

The game was trash a year ago, but I think it's actually pretty good at the moment. The changes 2.0 will bring along with the patches before then will completely turn the game around. In case you haven't been keeping up, they'll be changing the servers to add more features, completely redoing the user interface, revamping the entire world, and remaking each class among with a plethora of content. They're basically remaking the game from scrap.

It sucks it will take a year for 2.0 to be out, but it seems like it will be well worth the wait.

LoLZoRz2927d ago

if they put Versus on hold again, i'll be very mad. >:(

TopDudeMan2927d ago

They clearly announced versus way too early.

LoLZoRz2927d ago

yep, it just recently got 100% development.

and I read somewhere that Nomura did a checking on the game's world and dungeons and he said that he's happy how everything looks. still, the game will probably took year, two or even more to be completed.

i'm really curious how much in % it is done. :(

Abriael2927d ago

Because obviously a company that has 3500 employees and multiple teams puts a game on hold for another that has 250 people working on it.

Logic, shmlogic...

LoLZoRz2927d ago

why was it on hold while FF XIII and Type-0 were in making?

I don't know you might be right, but maybe there's teams for FF franchise and SE's other franchises and now when FF XIV needs to be reebooted they'll put it on hold once again.

I hope i'm wrong.

Abriael2927d ago


It has never been on hold. It simply hadn't entered full production yet. All games have a pre-production phase and then they enter full production.

They probably entered full production later because the engine (which is new) was not ready. They're just starting to show Luminous now, which means that it's been readied not too long ago.

Messatsu2902927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Edit, nvm