Costume Quest is out on PC now, but it's still full price?!

Double Fine's 'Costume Quest' has just been released for the PC, but the game is still $15 - the same price that the XBLA/PSN release was an entire year ago. Shouldn't year-old games be less expensive, even if it's the first time it's been available on a particular platform?

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MrGunny942923d ago

Depends... if the game quality is good i don't mind paying 15$... Myself i didn't actually enjoyed Costume quest... the indie games that i most fun this year was definetly Orcs Must Die,Limbo and Monday night Combat

mkernan2923d ago

I haven't had a chance to check out Orcs Must Die yet, but I loved the others (and Costume Quest).

Pikajew2923d ago

Try the demo of Orcs Must Die on Steam, its a lot of fun

jeseth2922d ago

Costume Quest is great. One of the best DLC Games I've bought.

Its free on PSN+ right now too FYI !!!

ReservoirDog3162922d ago

Depends...yeah. Except the dlc is included with the $15. There is a deal in there.

Double Fine deserves it anyways.

The_Con-Sept2922d ago

Look at Tekken 6 for PSPgo. It has been 40 dollars since it released last year. Same with brand new never opened cases of LAIR. Look at CoD MW2 and black ops. They are still above 50 dollars brand new.

MrGunny942923d ago

It's a huge fun game.. you should try it... to bad RE didn't included CO OP but i'm pretty sure the sequel will have it

mt2922d ago

i can never picture CO-OP in RPG.. it is like you click attack on first character then ur pal clicks defense for the second character, then you do a mini- game if either of you win then he gets the chance to command the third character hahah.

Theo11302922d ago

15 bucks is always a hard sell, especially when games like The Bindings Of Isacc, Xotic, Limbo, Puzzle Agent 2 and Capsized are $5 dollars cheaper, and they aren't a year old console port, and it came out with no hype around it.

BoNeSaW232922d ago

This game is FREE on Playstation Plus right now. Grab it fast this is it's last week being FREE.

banjadude2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Buy this game, guys..! It's really fun and easy to pick up, plus you'll be supporting the lovely folks at DoubleFine.

I bought the original game and DLC at full price, for the PS3 and I don't regret it one bit!

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