Save and Quit: RAGE review

This is Save and Quit's review of RAGE for the PC.

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MasterCornholio2924d ago

This title was a huge letdown. I never thought that Carmack was that good of a dev anyways.


JellyJelly2924d ago

"I never thought that Carmack was that good of a dev anyways."

Still butthurt over what he said about the PS3?

meetajhu2924d ago

letdown? did you even play it?

MasterCornholio2923d ago

I rented it. Jeez why the deck does everyone think I'm butt hurt over the PS3 version. Everyone knows that the PC version is best and I have no complaints against that. In my opinion the game seems pretty mediocre to me. Will be picking up Arkham City instead.


Gamer-Z2924d ago

The game is all smoke and mirrors

PirateThom2924d ago

Nah, that would usually mean it's doing something to look more impressive than it is... RAGE can't even load textures correctly.

SilentNegotiator2924d ago

But....but they're 'MEGAtextures' :(

TheWolverine2923d ago

HAHAHA! i got this at gamestops midnight release, and i sold it the following morning...