Angry Joe: X-Men: Destiny Review

After playing X-Men: Destiny, Angry Joe tries out for the X-Men with his new found Mutant powers! Does he make the team? And is this new X-men title worth your hard earned cash?

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sonicsidewinder2922d ago

I'm sure this was put up on his site like over a week ago.

undercovrr2922d ago

Why does Angry Joe review this game and not other much better and popular games?

Lord_Sloth2922d ago

This man just plain gets on my nerves...

mastershredder2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

This guy is one of the reasons I can't stand videogame website media personas.
Such a "me too" with doucheyness.

sonicsidewinder2922d ago

What's a 'me too' person? :P

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